Tuta CEO Helps Market The Women's Game

08 April 2009

About 15,000 fans of women's basketball filled the Multiusos Sanchez Paraiso in Salamanca, Spain last weekend.

It was a fitting end to a great EuroLeague Women season and an indication of how the sport has grown in both quality of play and fan interest in the last few years.

Like most sports though, Women's Basketball is to some extent a product, and like any other product it needs to be marketed.

With that in mind Tuta CEO Valentinas Navikauskas, together with marketing consultant Linas Simonis have published an e-book entitled The 2 Marketing Steps Every Women's Basketball Team Should Make

Those ‘two steps' are clearly outlined in the book and focus on the changing of the ‘look' of the game and a better utilization of the internet.

"About three years ago we, the authors, started to exchange ideas about how to promote women's basketball to the next level."  Simonis and Navikauskas write in the book's preface.

"Since then our ideas have evolved, our passion has grown and it turned into an e-book."

 The e-book can be downloaded and read for free in PDF form by clicking here.

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