2003 European Championships for Cadets and Cadettes - Draws determined

14 May 2003

The draw for the European Championships for Cadets and Cadettes was held today in Madrid, Spain, hosted by the Spanish Basketball Federation.

Proceedings were conducted by FIBA Europe Executive Director Mr. Nar Zanolin and Sports Director Mr. Kosta Iliev.

The results are as follows:

15th European Championship for Cadettes - 18th - 27th July 2003, Nevsehir, Turkey

Group A: Russia, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Serbia and Montenegro, Belarus

Group B: France, Turkey, Ukraine, Greece, Croatia, Spain

Preliminary Round Schedule

18th July
Group A: Russia v. Belarus, Germany v. Serbia and Montenegro, Czech Republic v. Italy
Group B: France v. Spain, Turkey v. Croatia, Greece v. Ukraine

19th July:
Group A: Serbia and Montenegro v. Russia, Czech Republic v. Belarus, Italy v. Germany
Group B: Croatia v. France, Greece v. Spain, Ukraine v. Turkey

20th July:
Group A: Russia v. Czech Republic, Serbia and Montenegro v. Italy, Belarus v. Germany
Group B: France v. Greece, Croatia v. Ukraine, Spain v. Turkey

21st July:
Rest day

22nd July:
Group A: Italy v. Russia, Germany v. Czech Republic, Belarus v. Serbia and Montenegro
Group B: Ukraine v. France, Turkey v. Greece, Spain v. Croatia

23rd July:
Group A: Russia v. Germany, Italy v. Belarus, Czech Republic v. Serbia and Montenegro
Group B: France v. Turkey, Ukraine v. Spain, Greece v. Croatia

17th European Championship for Cadets - 18th - 27th July 2003, Madrid, Spain

Group A: Turkey, France, Russia, Lithuania, FYROM, Bulgaria

Group B: Spain, Greece, Serbia and Montenegro, Italy, Slovenia, Israel

Preliminary Round Schedule

18th July:
Group A: Turkey v. Bulgaria, France v. FYROM, Lithuania v. Russia
Group B: Spain v. Israel, Greece v. Slovenia, Italy v. Serbia and Montenegro

19th July:
Group A: FYROM v. Turkey, Lithuania v. Bulgaria, Russia v. France
Group B: Slovenia v. Spain, Italy v. Israel, Serbia and Montenegro v. Greece

20th July:
Group A: Turkey v. Lithuania, FYROM v. Russia, Bulgaria v. France
Group B: Spain v. Italy, Slovenia v. Serbia and Montenegro, Israel v. Greece

21st July:
Rest day

22nd July
Group A: Russia v. Turkey, France v. Lithuania, Bulgaria v. FYROM
Group B: Serbia and Montenegro v. Spain, Greece v. Italy, Israel v. Slovenia

23rd July:
Group A: Turkey v. France, Russia v. Bulgaria, Lithuania v. FYROM
Group B: Spain v. Greece, Serbia and Montenegro v. Israel, Italy v. Slovenia


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