Board of FIBA Europe Meeting Agenda

25 March 2003

The Board of FIBA Europe will meet for its 3rd session of the 2002-2006 term of office on 28th and 29th March, 2003 in Warsaw, Poland.

Among the items on the agenda for discussion are included:

The harmonisation of the club and national team calendars

As stated by the FIBA Central Board at its meeting on 16th and 17th November 2002, Continental national team championships should take place during the summer. This allows an uninterrupted club competition and includes a designated holiday period for the players. The FIBA Europe Competitions Commission has already met and prepared a model of how the future national team system of play could be organised in order to permit the above to happen. These preliminary ideas will be presented to the Board and discussed.

Reports from the Commissions of FIBA Europe

The FIBA Europe Technical, Competitions, Women's, Youth, Legal, Finance and Appeals' Commissions have all met in 2003. The Presidents of each of the Commissions will give the Board a report on the main issues being discussed and key areas of focus.

European Club Competitions

The Board will hear reports from the Champions Cup Conference Managers as well as plans for the Final Fours of the EuroLeague Women and Champions Cup.

A full report on any decisions taken by the Board of FIBA Europe will be available on by 30th March, 2003.

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