FIBA Europe General Assembly too meet in Seville, Spain

16 May 2003

The FIBA Europe General Assembly will meet on 17th and 18th May 2003 in Seville, Spain for the first session of the 2002 - 2006 term of office. The meeting is hosted by the Spanish Basketball Federation. The General Assembly will be preceded by a meeting of the Board of FIBA Europe on 16th May.

The FIBA Europe General Assembly takes place on an annual basis and is an opportunity for all 50 of FIBA Europe's member federations to meet. Each of FIBA Europe's member federations is entitled to send one delegate to the General Assembly with a right to vote. As such, the General Assembly has sovereign powers assigned in the FIBA Europe Bye-Laws including the power to:

  • Modify and adopt the FIBA Europe Bye-Laws
  • Examine reports and other items placed on the agenda
  • Elect the President of FIBA Europe
  • Elect the members of the Board of FIBA Europe
  • Examine proposals submitted to FIBA Europe

A total of 44 national basketball federations are expected to participate in this year's General Assembly, which will be the first since FIBA Europe became an autonomous FIBA Zone in June 2002.


The main topics on the agenda are as follows:

  • Report from the FIBA Europe Executive Director, Mr. Nar Zanolin
    Mr. Zanolin will update the General Assembly on all the activities that have taken place within FIBA Europe since June 2002.
  • Report from the Legal Commission
    This will include proposals to modify the FIBA Europe Bye-Laws
  • Report from the Finance Commission
    Including a report on the FIBA Europe budget
  • Report from FIBA Europe Properties, the marketing arm of FIBA Europe
  • Report from the Technical Commission
  • Report from the Women's Commission
  • Report from the Youth Commission
  • Report from the Appeals' Commission
  • Report from the Permanent Commissioner for the Promotion Cup
  • Report from the European Association of Basketball Coaches
  • Report from the International Wheelchair Basketball Federation European Zone
  • Report from the Competitions Commission
  • Report from the Sports Director
    Mr. Kosta Iliev will present the system of national team competitions as approved by the Board of FIBA Europe in March 2003. Th e new system will come into effect as of 2004 for senior men, senior women and all youth categories
  • Reports from the last 2 meetings of the Board of FIBA Europe in November 2002 in Madrid, Spain and March 2003 in Warsaw, Poland

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