FIBA Europe's position regarding agreement with ULEB

04 June 2003

In regards to Euroleague CEO Mr. Jordi Bertomeu's statements to the Greek press on 30th May 2003, FIBA Europe would like to clarify several issues referred to by Mr. Bertomeu. FIBA Europe has no wish to assign blame to anybody, merely to state the facts.

  • FIBA Europe maintains that unity in Europe is vital for basketball to progress and develop. Disharmony only serves to splinter the basketball family, which is detrimental to the sport's short and long term future. We must all work together for the same goals if progress is to be made and this must be within the existing and recognised international sports structure.
  • FIBA Europe would like to clarify that during the General Assembly in Seville on 17th and 18th May 2003, both the national federations and FIBA Europe board members were given full access to all correspondence between FIBA Europe and ULEB. Furthermore, a detailed report on the negotiations was given by President Mr. George Vassilakopoulos and Executive Director Mr. Nar Zanolin. It was explained that concessions were made on both sides and no documents were hidden.
  • FIBA Europe's letter to the national federations on 23rd May 2003 did not include all correspondence between FIBA Europe and ULEB since the beginning of the negotiations. The simple reason for excluding these documents is that they have no bearing whatsoever on the outcome of the negotiations.
  • ULEB made the last proposal on 16th May 2003 and this was rejected because FIBA Europe is the recognised international institution and as such cannot act as the executor of decisions taken by another body.
  • Contrary to statements made, FIBA Europe is committed to allowing clubs to have decision-making power in the competitions in which they participate.


30.04.2016 - FIBA EUROPE CUP
30.04.2016 - FIBA EUROPE CUP

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