New Television Direction for FIBA and FIBA Europe

13 September 2003

The International Basketball Federation (FIBA) and its European Zone (FIBA Europe) have announced today that they will not be renewing their existing agreement with Sportfive which ends in December 2004.

The current 1999-2004 agreement was originally between FIBA and ISL who sub-licensed the European rights to Sport+. With the collapse of ISL in 2001 Sport+ took over the remaining agreement in full which then came under the Sportfive umbrella when Sport+, UFA Sport and Groupe Darmon joined forces.

The decision by FIBA and FIBA Europe not to renew this agreement is not due to any dissatisfaction with Sportfive but because they have decided to become responsible themselves for the distribution of the rights to their various competitions starting in 2005. These events will include the FIBA World and FIBA European Championships for Men and Women as well as for the younger age group competitions, the new FIBA Women's World League and FIBA European Club competitions.

FIBA and FIBA Europe will develop their own in house television personnel led by Paul Stimpson who has been working at FIBA since August 2002. He was involved with the FIBA programme at ISL from 1990 and also with Sport+/Sportfive in 2001/2002. FIBA will be present at Sportel in Monaco from the 16th - 19th September.

For further information please contact:
Paul Stimpson, FIBA Television;
Tel: +41 22 545 0000
Fax: +41 22 545 0099

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