FIBA Europe And ULEB Meet, 12 February 2008

12 February 2008

FIBA Europe, represented by its President George Vassilakopoulos and its Secretary General Nar Zanolin met in Munich, Germany with ULEB, represented by its President Eduardo Portela and Jordi Bertomeu the CEO of Euroleague Basketball to discuss the future of European Basketball.

Both sides confirmed that the existing agreement is still valid; however some modifications will have to be made.

During the meeting, significant agreements were achieved on the topic of the structures of European club competitions with the specific objective to have a greater integration between the competitions and to increase the competitive aspect as well as the coordination of the respective calendars.

Both sides discussed and agreed on the progressive and continued increase of the presence and protagonism of European players in both the national and international club competitions. In plain terms, to protect European club competitions.

Both sides have agreed to meet in the very near future to continue discussions.


29.04.2016 - FIBA EUROPE CUP
29.04.2016 - FIBA EUROPE CUP

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