Georgia Games Rescheduled

22 August 2008

Due to the ongoing political situation in Georgia FIBA Europe has made the decision to move two EuroBasket Division B Qualifying Round games originally scheduled to be played in Tbilisi, Georgia.

The decision means that the home and away games to be played between the teams involved have effectively been switched. 

The games originally scheduled to be played in Luxembourg and Slovakia will now be played in Georgia in 2009 on a date to be determined.

The game with Luxembourg scheduled to be played on 5th September in Tbilisi will now be played in Luxembourg on the same date, while the game scheduled with Slovakia on 13th September will now be played in the Slovak Republic.  The venues for the games will be announced at a later date.

"As things are not politically established, we cannot afford to take risks. We had to make a decision in advance so the teams can make their arrangements." said FIBA Europe Secretary General Nar Zanolin.

The decision is in line with other major international sports federations. 

Both UEFA and FIFA have decided not to allow games to be played in the country until hostilities have officially ceased.

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