The Insiders: Rivas Ecopolis

27 March 2012

Tijana Krivacevic and Laura Nicholls pair up to give us a unique insight into their Rivas Ecopolis teammates ahead of the big Final Eight tip-off in Istanbul.


24. Tijana Krivacevic (Rivas Ecopolis)
Tijana Krivacevic has words of praise for her Rivas Ecopolis teammates.

Tijana Krivacevic on ANNA CRUZ - She's a great player, she's got really good abilities and above anything else, she's also my neighbour. So, if I'm missing anything, I can always go to her. Everybody has their role on this team and Anna is a player with distinct characteristics. She is so fast, I'm sure she can beat anyone on the court and she never seems to get tired.

Tijana Krivacevic on ASJHA JONES - She is really good, a very experienced player and yet she plays like she's the most energetic woman alive. It's not easy for her since she has to play a lot of minutes but she's a very strong player with really good technique. Consequently if she plays good, the team for sure is doing well. She's an example for all of us and you can never get relaxed with her around.

Laura Nicholls on CLARA BERMEJO MORENO - She's our captain - period. She is the player with the most experience in this club so she is a clear reference for the whole of us. We've missed her while she has been injured. I truly hope that she recovers soon to be able to lend us a hand in Istanbul because her experience and know-how on the court is greatly appreciated.

Laura Nicholls on TIJANA KRIVACEVIC - We have nicknamed her ‘la Pipa' and she's an easy-going person. She's a tall player with a bright future and interesting potential, being so co-ordinated on the court given her height. When she gets used to going even stronger inside the paint, she'll be a fantastic player. Did I say she's got talent?

Tijana Krivacevic on ELISA AGUILAR - She is a really good point guard. The way she sees anything on the court is astonishing and at the beginning, when I came to this team, it was new for me to find such point guards. I can't say anything better than that! I've played with great players in Sopron but Elisa is such an open book on the court.

Tijana Krivacevic on AMAYA VALDEMORO - She's a legend and I knew her from a long time ago. She is still one of the best players in Europe and we definitely need her playing in the Final Eight. I really hope this happens because she means a lot to this team. With her energy, knowledge and leadership on the court, we obviously can step up. It's a pleasure anytime I can share court time with her.

Tijana Krivacevic on SANDRA PIRSIC - She is another tough player. Like me, we both arrived at Rivas halfway into the season and she was able to fit into the team real quick. And as she was born in Slovenia, we can actually exchange some words (it's the same with Iva) so she's been a good help for me. But hey, as I learn Spanish, everyone else is happy to talk to me in English.

Essence Carson (Rivas Ecopolis)
Essence Carson is not only a special player on the court, she also has musical talent.

Laura Nicholls on GEMA GARCÍA - She came to the team when the season was quite advanced, but she fit really well into the group. She is one of those players who can get a team together since she's always got a smile. To be true, you can really notice she comes from the south of Spain by her good sense of humour. On the court she may be small, but she runs so fast and shows good character.

Laura Nicholls on KOURTNEY TREFFERS - She is still such a young player with a lot of potential but work to do. She is working towards becoming an important one in the future and is starring more with our junior team, but she has already logged some minutes with us and I see some potential to reach a high level.

Tijana Krivacevic on LAURA NICHOLLS - She is a warrior, a great fighter and she always goes very hard into every play. Oh and yes, she is a funny one both on and off the court. Actually, she's one of my best friends in the team. But, oh wait - Vega (Gimeno) is around and I don't like Vega.

Tijana Krivacevic on VEGA GIMENO - Jokes aside, she is also a young player who can do many things on the court, and she will attend any voluntary practice. You can really say she tries to improve her skills.

Laura Nicholls on ESSENCE CARSON - She's got a spectacular figure to play basketball. I can also assure she's quite a sympathetic character, very funny, a little bit crazy sometimes and with great skills for music. For sure, she's a special player and it's good to have her on our side.

Laura Nicholls on head coach MIGUEL MÉNDEZ - He was also my coach when I played for Celta Vigo and there's no doubt you can get advantage of having a familiar face on the bench - it was good for getting to know what he wanted from me to do for the team. I know him from long time ago and we've always had confidence in each other so it's great that he can coach us in Istanbul during his first year with Rivas Ecópolis.



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