Ali Oop: Two Words-Big And Young!


 Alexander Seggelke (Artland Dragons)Alexander Seggelke is a guard/forward for the Artland Dragons of the German BBL. This season his team will compete in EuroChallenge and he will write about the experience regularly for  

It's tough to know how to feel when you have a great game and your team loses.  In my case it feels good and it's personally satisfying to do well, but when I have not only a good game, but a game where I put up big numbers it can also mean that something is wrong.

That's what happened to me on Tuesday night.  I scored 18 points and had six rebounds, which is great but as I mentioned at the start of the season my job is not really to score.  My job is to keep the game going, keep the guys together, grab a rebound here or there and basically do the little things.   If I score 18 points then it probably means that are other players, our scorers, are having an off game and that was the case Tuesday night.

The first problem is that we once again got off to a slow start which always kills us, and against a team like FMP with so many great players and the home court advantage we just can't afford to do that. We were down 33-13 at one point, and that was it.

The crowd for the game was not great, but FMP is kind of like a sports academy for young players and they had plenty of great ones, especially big men.  They had three guys who were over seven feet tall, and they are all NBA prospects.  They combined for over 30 points, 19 boards and about four blocked shots against us.

As far as Belgrade goes there is isn't much to tell you because I didn't get to look around really.  The weather was terrible and the hotel was quite a ways outside of the city. 

But my only concern afterwards was the loss and making sure we don't make it two in a row next week when we play another team from the Balkans, KK Zagreb.  This time we're at home and hopefully the outcome will be different.

Talk to you next week!  


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