Ali Oop: Bouncing Back


Alexander Seggelke (Artland Dragons)Alexander Seggelke is a guard/forward for the Artland Dragons of the German BBL. This season his team will compete in EuroChallenge and he will write about the experience regularly for

I'm back after an unplanned week off.

You probably thought that I didn't feel like writing after our one point loss to Wels last week, but really it's just that the guys at FIBA Europe and I kept missing each other and before we knew it week four of the EuroChallenge was upon us.

Anyway, I am in better frame of mind after our second win over Antwerp.  We ended the first part of the EuroChallenge on a positive note, but I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't start by talking about last week in Wels.

The best way I can put it is to say that we underestimated out opponents.  We fell behind early and I think managed to convince ourselves that in the end we would get the win but when the clock struck zero, we were on the wrong end of a one point loss.

Having now finished four full weeks of the competition I can say that playing a game essentially every three days requires a different rhythm and I think our struggles to adjust to that may have led to the loss in Austria.  We really only have one full day of practice for these games and even though we work as hard as week can it can be difficult to really get prepared for a team you have never seen from an entirely different league and country. 

That said we have no one to blame but ourselves and luckily we bounced back this week with a big home win against Antwerp Giants.

Now that we have played everybody in the group I can say that, in my opinion at least, Antwerp is our most talented opponent.  Having beaten them twice is very satisfying for us and with our win over them last night we are more or less through to the next round, though we still need a win over Tartu in out next game (January 5) to really seal the deal.

On the domestic front we are also playing well, and it looks like we are well within reach of our goal, which is to finish in the top six of the league and clinch a spot in the German Cup.

And so for most people it's time to get ready for the Christmas holiday but for my teammates and myself there is very little time to rest.  We have a game on December 23rd and then have the 24th and the 25th off which will give me the opportunity to get back home to Hamburg to see my family and enjoy some home cooking.

See you next year!






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