Serbia And Turkey To Meet In Showdown


15. Zeljka Petkovic (Serbia)
Zeljka Petkovic and her teammates keep the hopes alive to stay in Division A.

Serbia and Turkey claimed vital victories that put them in the driving seat of Classification Round Group G.

Both teams face each other on Sunday in a match that will decide who stays in Division A.

Serbia had won the first encounter between the two sides by nine points, 70-61.



Serbia defeated Germany in a heartbreaker, 63-62, to improve to a 3-1 record in the Classification Round for 13th to 16th place.

Germany kept their hopes alive until the last second of a very balanced game.

Serbia built a seven-point lead during the second quarter, but after half time, Germany started a strong comeback, based on a high pressure defence that obliged the Serbs to a double effort.

Controlling both their point guards, Germany was able to get back into the game. 

Germany only made 12 of their 21 free throw attempts and the nine missed free throws were one of the main reasons they lost the game in the end.

Zeljka Petkovic and Aleksandra Crvendakic, with 16 and 15 points respectively, were the best Serbian scorers, while Emma Stach had an impressive performance scoring 26 points and grabbing 10 rebounds.



The Turkish team secured a 64-34 win over England to stay in the race to assure their place in Division A.

In a strong team effort, Rojin Karahan and Ezgi Manlaci, who scored11 points each, helped the Turkish to get a larger lead in the second quarter, as the English showed a good resistance during the first quarter.

Looking to offer experience to her players, with her team being relegated, England's head coach Karen Burton gave minutes to every player on the team.

Turkey will play Serbia on Sunday for 13th place and survival in Division A, while Germany and England will have their last goodbye to Division A.



20.07.2012 - U16 WOMEN

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