Group B: Todorovic, Teodosic Updates

11. Marko Todorovic (Montenegro)
Marko Todorovic has categorically denied rumours that injuries will force him out of representing Montenegro this summer

Montenegro forward/center Marko Todorovic has categorically refuted rumours that he will miss EuroBasket 2013 due to injury; Serbia's doctor is satisfied with the rehabilitation of star point guard Milos Teodosic.

Marko Todorovic had an operation in his right hand at the end of the club season and is still undergoing rehabilitation, a situation that prompted rumours of him dropping out of the Montenegro squad ahead of EuroBasket 2013.

"I saw rumours circulating on the media that I would not play at EuroBasket in Slovenia," the 21-year-old big man said in an interview with

"However, I have no idea how this began, it's just not true.

"I am currently in Belgrade undergoing therapy and if all goes well, in about ten days I will re-join the team in Zlatibor (where Montenegro's training camp takes place).

"It is then only up to the coach to decide whether I will go to EuroBasket or not," Todorovic added, alluding to his national team's enviable selection of front-court players.

The FC Barcelona player, who played in the Spanish Liga Endesa play-off finals against Real Madrid with a protective case around his hand before having it operated in June, also clarified in the same interview that he is currently battling with a different injury.

"The hand is fine, I had just started to train with the national team, when I got a new injury, in the abdominal muscles," Todorovic explained.

"The prediction is that I will recover as soon as possible and continue with work.

"I'm full of positive impressions, I met up with my teammates and the atmosphere on the team is great."

4. Milos Teodosic (Serbia)
Milos Teodosic is on track to represent Serbia in Slovenia

Meanwhile doctor Dragan Radovanović, who is the head of medical services at the Serbian Basketball Federation, has showed contained optimism regarding the state of health of Milos Teodosic.

"At this stage of [Teodosic's] rehabilitation, he is exercising at the level that we have planned and expected," the doctor said.

"We do not want to overload him though.

"Our exams show that his muscle is filling and it's healing, but we cannot accelerate time.

The doctor refrained from making a clear prediction on whether Teodosic will be ready in time for September's EuroBasket, but hinted that this would be possible thanks to Serbia's experience with similar situations in the past.

"The national team offers players a chance to play, but also to heal from their injuries," Radovanović said.

"[As examples of this] remember the case of Nemanja Bjelica before EuroBasket in Lithuania, or that of Nenad Krstic prior last year's Qualification Round."

Both players ended up playing in those competitions for Serbia, although they had to overcome important injuries that prevented them from following the entire preparation schedule alongside their teammates.

Montenegro and Serbia are two of the teams that make up First Round Group B at the upcoming EuroBasket, together with F.Y.R. Of Macedonia, Lithuania, Latvia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.


06.08.2013 - EUROBASKET 2013

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