Montenegro Cannot Stop The French TGV

U20 European Championship

France remain unbeaten in the U20 European Championship following another big defensive performance that put Montenegro down 58-49 on Tuesday afternoon.

It's the third time, in five games played so far in the championship, that France keep their opponent at less than 50 points.

Les Bleus stand tall on top of the group, side by side with Russia with a 4-0 record, and they play each other on Wednesday to decide who advances as group winner into the Quarter-Finals.

Montenegro fell to 2-2 and must wait for the closing day of the Qualifying Round tomorrow to lock their journey to the next phase.

Romain Hillotte topped France's list with 12 and Leo Westermann added 11 of them.

Bojan Dubljevic reached 17 points and seven boards while Halil Kanacevic finished with 10.

"They play a lot of pick-and-roll so we had to be ready for that," shared the French coach Jean-Aym? Toupane.

"Montenegro is one of the best teams here, and they have some tools that we don't so we had to be ready and prepared.

"It was tough game for both sides, and I'm happy we figured out how to win it."

Montenegro saw how difficult it is to fight through the French defense after Henry Kahudi hit a three pointer and wrote a 13-4 French lead after six minutes.

Marko Todorovic provided, finally, some easy points for his team with a dunk, but Montenegro had to fight for every point, while France continued to keep the small margin on, and finished the first half with a 22-19 lead.

Joffery Lauvergne scored six points in three minutes late in the third quarter that made sure Montenegro won't take the lead, as Dubljevic started to gain momentum.

Hillotte was accurate from the foul line and made it 42-32 and Westermann added a long range bomb to keep the 10 point lead.

Dubljevic and Kanacevic collected points from the foul line to make it just a six points game but saw Westermann step up and with a pair of jumpers silence the opponent, and registered once again a 10 point gap, 53-43 inside the last three minutes.

Dubljevic fixed with an offensive board and it was a six points again, now with 78 seconds to play, yet these were also the last points for Montenegro in the day, and France managed to keep their record clean of losses.


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