Kimberly Butler (CB FEVE SAN JOSE)

Kimberly Butler

Nationality: ENG
Born : 07.09.1982
Place of birth: Tacoma, WA (USA)
Height: 1.85m
Position: PF

10.3Points per game
5.2Rebounds per game
1.3Assists per game



Kimberly Butler - EuroBasket Women 2013 Profile

Club Team 2012-13: SK Cesis (Latvia-LSBL)

Career: Oregon State (USA-NCAA, 2005-06), Panathinaikos (Greece-A1, 2006), Anda Ramat Hasharon (Israel-D1, 2207), Kosit 2013 Kosice (Slovak Republic-Extraliga, 2007-08), San Jose Leon (Spain-LFB, 2008-09), Panionios (Greece-A1, 2009-10), TTT Riga (Latvia-LSBL, 2010-11), Palacio De Congresos De Ibiza (Spain-LF1, 2011), Pool Commense (Italy-A1, 2011-12), SK Cesis (Latvia-LSBL, 2012-13)

Having looked like she may retire from national team duties, Butler is back on board and that is a significant boost for Coach Jennings since she offers a wealth of experience from having played in a number of high profile leagues right across Europe. As well as six years wearing a Great Britain vest, she knows what it's like to step out in EuroLeague Women too. She may be a little undercooked due to a lack of playing time at club level in the last couple of years, but this may work in the favour of Great Britain who will be hoping she is fresh and ready to go to work in the paint. If she can ensure a slight uplift in her shooting percentages but continue her nice work on the boards and defensively, Butler will be a big factor because she can act as a glue player. She will take a three-point shot if open and will lead by example in terms of her work rate.


vs Ragusa (W 51-71)235/1145.55/1145.50/00.00/00.01011000410
vs Panionios G.S.S. (W 70-57)344/666.73/560.01/1100.02/2100.01232300111
vs Athinaikos BC (L 100-85)214/944.44/944.40/00.02/450.04151210310
vs Ragusa (W 71-66)294/850.04/850.00/00.01/250.0189141019
vs Panionios G.S.S. (W 61-70)283/933.33/933.30/00.00/00.0033411026
vs Athinaikos BC (W 90-67)276/1154.56/1154.50/00.03/475.03580000015
vs Botas Spor (L 67-65)2510/2245.510/2147.60/10.00/00.05380110420
vs Botas Spor (W 81-68)346/1250.06/1154.50/10.00/00.037100100412
vs Ibiza - PDV (W 60-56)283/933.32/825.01/1100.00/00.0134121037
vs Ibiza - PDV (W 70-72)296/1154.56/1154.50/00.01/250.01230220413
vs Cras Basket Taranto (L 66-43)231/714.31/714.30/00.00/00.0033241022
vs Cras Basket Taranto (W 63-60)353/837.52/633.31/250.02/2100.0145301029
CategorySeason highCareer high
Points2011.12.2008 vs. Botas Spor28 - EuroBasket Women 2009
30.08.2008 vs Ukraine
Total Rebounds1017.12.2008 vs. Botas Spor13 - EuroBasket Women 2009
13.01.2009 vs Finland
Assists420.11.2008 vs. Panionios G.S.S.4 - 4 times
Steals205.02.2009 vs. Ibiza - PDV5 - 2 times
Blocked Shots 1 - 4 times
Minutes3526.02.2009 vs. Cras Basket Taranto38 - EuroBasket Women 2009
19.01.2009 vs Romania
Field Goals Made1011.12.2008 vs. Botas Spor12 - EuroBasket Women 2009
30.08.2008 vs Ukraine
Field Goals Attempted2211.12.2008 vs. Botas Spor22 - EuroCup Women 2009
11.12.2008 vs Botas Spor
2 Pts Field Goals Made1011.12.2008 vs. Botas Spor12 - EuroBasket Women 2009
30.08.2008 vs Ukraine
2 Pts Field Goals Attempted2111.12.2008 vs. Botas Spor21 - EuroCup Women 2009
11.12.2008 vs Botas Spor
3 Pts Field Goals Made13 times2 - EuroBasket Women 2013
23.06.2013 vs Croatia
3 Pts Field Goals Attempted226.02.2009 vs. Cras Basket Taranto4 - 3 times
Free Throws Made327.11.2008 vs. Athinaikos BC9 - EuroBasket Women 2011
27.06.2011 vs Russia
Free Throws Attempted42 times11 - EuroBasket Women 2011
27.06.2011 vs Russia
Offensive Rebounds511.12.2008 vs. Botas Spor7 - EuroBasket Women 2009
13.01.2009 vs Finland
Defensive Rebounds813.11.2008 vs. Ragusa9 - EuroBasket Women 2009
16.01.2009 vs Bosnia and Herzegovina



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