Torrens Plays Down Triumph Over Ros

17 March 2011
EuroLeague Women

7. Alba Torrens (Halcon Avenida)
Alba Torrens would be within her rights to brag after Avenida's third consecutive win over Ros, but she knows it does not give her team an advantage in the EuroLeague Women Final Four

By Jeff Taylor

The 11am tip-off on Sunday was already early for Ros Casares, especially with the city of Valencia in the middle of its annual Las Fallas festival.

Many people, especially at the weekend, will stay up until the early morning hours because of the fireworks that continuously explode around the city, and the never-ending parties.

If there were any hangovers before Sunday's game, there would have been even more after because for the third consecutive time this season, Avenida beat Ros.

Only this time, the game finished in an 82-59 mauling.

What made it even worse for some Ros Casares fans was the knowledge that Halcon Avenida is the team their side will face in the EuroLeague Women Final Four.

Alba Torrens, the EuroLeague Women All-Star of Avenida and Spain international, has tried to allay the concerns of the Ros Casares faithful.

"We have played three times against them but the Supercup was a strange game because both teams had not trained much together as a team," she said to Basketball World News.

"The two league wins, yes, but we also have to take into account that they have had to do without two key players, (Rebekkah) Brunson and Sonia (Reis) and I'm sure they will grow as a team in the next couple of weeks.

"It's going to be a completely different game and very hard."

Reis was lost for the season last week to injury and was in the hospital at the time of the game, while Brunson sat out the clash with knee tendinitis.

Something that Ros Casares and Avenida will have to both do is travel a long way for the Final Four.

But, what comes around, goes around.

In 2009, UMMC Ekaterinburg and Sparta&K M.R. Vidnoje had to travel to the home of Avenida, Salamanca, Spain.

Last year, UMMC and Sparta&K also played at the Final Four in Valencia.

"The journey is long and there is a time difference," Torrens said.

"We will go there a few days early and acclimatize.

"But every player is ready to play a Final Four wherever it is."


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