Lyttle Wins EuroLeague Women Player Of The Week

11 February 2010

With the Quarter-Final Round on the line for her Salamanca side Sancho Lyttle stepped up for the Spanish outfit to contribute 22 poirts and 15 rebounds to a comeback win over French powerhouse Bourges Basket.

15. Sancho Lyttle (Halcon Avenida)
Sancho Lyttle had a rocky first half but hit back in the second against Bourges

Her efficency of 24 was the highest of all players playing in game three of the Eighth-Final Round on Wednesday night.

Lyttle left behind Dalma Ivanyi of MiZo pecs who brought home last weeks Player of the week award and Jelena Skerovic of Frisco Sika Brno who both had an efficency of 19. 

The 1.90m Forward/Center from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is enjoying a stand out season for Halcon Avenida.

She is averaging a double double of 18 points and 11 rebounds and fits perfectly the style of coach Jordi Fernández Sánchez, who brought her with him from Ibiza when taking over Slamanca last summer. 

In the Quarter-Final Round the Final Four hosts of 2009 will meet arch rivals Ros Casares Valencia in the battle of Spain.


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