BS Energy Braunschweig 74 vs. Ionikos N.F. Amaliada 65


Dettmann´s first win with Braunschweig

Coach Henrik Dettmann won his first game with Braunschweig in the FEL this evening. He arrived one weak ago, after US-Coach Ken Scalabroni was released.

On Sunday he lost with the team in the German league in Schwelm but now has won in his second game as a headcoach against Ionikos with 74:65.

Gordan Firic
BS|ENERGY Braunschweig put on a good team performance against Ionikos and played very well from the very beginning team.

Bosnian Gordan Firic made some fantastic assists (finihing with 9 ) and in the second quarter the home team finished a lot of fast breaks with the athletic forward Adam Hall (15 pionts at the end).

In the third period the team led with 19 points, due to Ionikos' very bad field goal percentage. After that Dettmann allowed the young players a chance to play, but Ionikos still didn`t have any chance to come back.

Braunschweig's Zeljko Zagorac dominated the boards with 14 rebounds. Pete Lisicky scored important points from downtown and Joakim Blom, Braunschweig's Swedish center, poured in 14 points in one of his best games this season.

The home team showed that they wanted to win: 43:33 rebounds!

Ionikos played without enough spirit. Under the boards Brandon Brantley and Antti Nikkilä had a very bad day. The best player for of Ionikos was Us-Guard Saddi Washington with 19 points.


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