Tatyana Troina (NADEZHDA)

Tatyana Troina

Nationality: BLR
Born : 30.06.1981
Place of birth: Minsk (BLR)
Height: 1.87m
Position: F

4.7Points per game
1.6Rebounds per game
1.1Assists per game


6 *22.218/4242.912/2157.16/2128.67/7100.
8 **8.06/1833.36/1442.90/40.05/862.
14 ***14.124/6040.018/3551.46/2524.012/1580.
*Played for Municipal Targoviste
**Played for Nadezhda
Tatyana Troina - EuroBasket Women 2013 Profile

Team 2012-13: Nantes Reze (France-LFB)

Career: RUOR Minsk (Belarus-Div. 1, 1996-98), Independence Community College (USA-NJCAA, 1998-2000), South Carolina (USA-NCAA, 2000-02), Marcopol Gedania (Poland-Div2, 2002-03), Lotos Gdynia (Poland-PLKK, 2003-05), Ra'anana/Herzliya (Israel, 2005-06), Hapoel Haifa (Israel, 2006-07), Lotos Gdynia (Poland-PLKK, 2006-07), Maccabi Ramat Hen (Israel, 2007-08), Electra Ramat-Hasharon (Israel, 2007-08), TTT Riga (Latvia-LSBL, 2008-09), Electra Ramat-Hasharon (Israel, 2009), Municipal Targoviste (Romania-D1, 2009-10), Nadezhda Orenburg (Russia-Premier League, 2010), Horizont Minsk (Belarus-Premier, 2011-12), Nantes Reze (France-LFB, 2012-13)

One of the most trusted players of her generation, Troina has been a pivotal figure in the success of Belarus but suffered an ACL injury in fall which ended her French League season with Nantes Reze after only three games. She remained one of the key players for Coach Grigas in qualification, continuing as a leading scorer  from the wing and living up to her ‘Golden Hand' label going back to the 2008 Olympics when she managed to score in double-digits during  four of the six games. She is seen as a perfect wing player who can create the chance of scoring for herself and very much the second offensive option in attack after Verameyanka. She ended the last tournament in a flood of tears after crushing disappointment at the early exit and will be hoping she is healthy enough to get out in France and make amends.


vs K.V. Imperial AEL (L 88-75) *305/955.64/580.01/425.00/00.001113305011
vs Dynamo Kursk (W 62-56) *304/944.42/450.02/540.00/00.011221002110
vs Samsun Basketball (W 63-72) *214/944.43/475.01/520.05/5100.022430011314
vs K.V. Imperial AEL (W 78-54) *223/933.32/633.31/333.30/00.01122110217
vs Dynamo Kursk (L 82-70) *281/425.00/10.01/333.32/2100.00332010325
vs Samsun Basketball (W 66-47) *21/250.01/1100.00/10.00/00.00000000002
vs HATIS Yerevan (W 80-65)110/10.00/10.00/00.02/450.01121210122
vs Mann Filter (W 80-70)81/333.31/250.00/10.00/00.00221100002
vs Mann Filter (L 78-72)50/10.00/10.00/00.00/00.00001000010
vs K.V. Imperial AEL (W 64-71)60/20.00/10.00/10.00/00.01120000000
vs K.V. Imperial AEL (W 66-61)30/10.00/00.00/10.00/00.00000000100
vs Saarlouis Royals (W 56-62)102/450.02/366.70/10.00/00.02130010104
vs Saarlouis Royals (W 81-51)173/475.03/475.00/00.03/475.01122040429
vs Sony Athinaikos (L 57-65)40/20.00/20.00/00.00/00.00000000000
vs Sony Athinaikos (W 53-57)00/00.00/00.00/00.00/00.00000000000
*Played for Municipal Targoviste
CategorySeason highCareer high
Points1426.11.2009 vs. Samsun Basketball26 - EuroLeague Women 2009
17.12.2008 vs ESB Lille Metropole
Total Rebounds426.11.2009 vs. Samsun Basketball12 - EuroCup Women 2012
18.01.2012 vs Dynamo Kursk
Assists326.11.2009 vs. Samsun Basketball8 - EuroCup Women 2012
17.11.2011 vs Lombos
Steals418.03.2010 vs. Saarlouis Royals6 - European Championship for Cadettes 1997
23.07.1997 vs Poland
Blocked Shots126.11.2009 vs. Samsun Basketball3 - EuroCup Women 2012
23.11.2011 vs WBC Dynamo
Minutes302 times44 - EuroBasket Women 2005
17.09.2005 vs Norway
Field Goals Made512.11.2009 vs. K.V. Imperial AEL9 - EuroBasket Women 2005
18.09.2004 vs Norway
Field Goals Attempted94 times20 - European Championship for Cadettes 1997
27.07.1997 vs France
2 Pts Field Goals Made412.11.2009 vs. K.V. Imperial AEL8 - EuroBasket Women 2005
18.09.2004 vs Norway
2 Pts Field Goals Attempted603.12.2009 vs. Municipal Targoviste20 - European Championship for Cadettes 1997
27.07.1997 vs France
3 Pts Field Goals Made219.11.2009 vs. Municipal Targoviste6 - 2 times
3 Pts Field Goals Attempted52 times14 - EuroLeague Women 2009
15.10.2008 vs MKB Euroleasing
Free Throws Made526.11.2009 vs. Samsun Basketball9 - 2 times
Free Throws Attempted526.11.2009 vs. Samsun Basketball12 - EuroBasket Women 2013
20.06.2012 vs Israel
Offensive Rebounds22 times5 - 2 times
Defensive Rebounds310.12.2009 vs. Dynamo Kursk11 - EuroCup Women 2012
18.01.2012 vs Dynamo Kursk
Participations in FIBA Europe competitionsPPGRPGAPG
EuroCup Women 2015 (Horizont)
FIBA World Championship for Women 2014 (Belarus)
EuroCup Women 2014 (Horizont Minsk)
EuroBasket Women - Qualification Round 2013 (Belarus)
EuroCup Women 2012 (Horizont)
EuroBasket Women - Final Round 2011 (Belarus)
EuroCup Women 2011 (Horizont)
FIBA World Championship for Women 2010 (Belarus)
EuroCup Women 2010 (Municipal Targoviste)
EuroCup Women 2010 (Nadezhda)
EuroBasket Women - Final Round 2009 (Belarus)
EuroLeague Women 2009 (TTT Riga)
Olympic Games: Tournament Women 2008 (Belarus)
FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament for Women 2008 (Belarus)
EuroCup Women 2008 (Electra Ramat-Hasharon)
EuroBasket Women - Final Round 2007 (Belarus)
EuroBasket Women - DIVISION A 2007 (Belarus)
EuroLeague Women 2007 (Lotos Gdynia)
EuroBasket Women - DIVISION B 2005 (Belarus)
FIBA EuroLeague Women 2005 (Lotos Gdynia)
FIBA Women's World League 2004 (Lotos)
FIBA Women's World League 2004 (Lotos)
FIBA EuroLeague Women 2004 (Lotos VBW Clima)
EuroLeague Women 2003 (Lotos VBW Clima)
European Championship for Women - Semi-Final Round 2003 (Belarus)
European Championship for Young Women - Qualifying Round 2000 (Belarus)
European Championship for Cadettes - Final Round 1997 (Belarus)



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