Cohen Looking Forward To Schio Experience


Israel National team star Liron Cohen has spoken of her excitement at moving to Beretta-Famila Schio as the Italian club continues to assemble a squad capable of mounting a serious challenge for a place in Final Four of EuroLeague Women next year.

Having already re-signed Laura Macchi and also rumoured to be on the verge of possibly unveiling Janel McCarville, it is perhaps not surprising that Cohen can't wait to make the switch to Italy with her eyes on successive Final Four appearances.

I'm looking forward to playing for Schio since it is one of the biggest clubs in Europe  and I'm excited to be part of it. We would like to go as far as we can in EuroLeague Women!"

"I always aim high and therefore I believe reaching the Final Four would be a legitimate goal for us. I am looking forward to playing with players like Macchi and  Moro - in fact, all of them which are for me the best Italian players."

Since leaving Israel during the early part of her career, the talented guard has been something of a nomad of sorts ever since. For Schio will be her fifth team in a fifth different country inside four years. Rather than questioning why she hasn't enjoyed an extended stay at her previous clubs, the player is philosophical about her resume and hoping this time around she will find something of a second home on Italian soil.

"The reason I choose to play out of Israel was the privilege of playing at the highest level of Women's basketball. The fact that I played in a few teams in a few different countries gave and still gives me a lot of experience, knowledge, new achievements and interest."

"I believe that what I will have in Schio is all of the things listed above and then I'll be more than happy to stay there for years!"   

"I'm in a great shape both mentally and physically. I have a lot of motivation and ambition and I have not yet not reached the highlight of my career. I believe that any professional player must always belief that there are new levels they can reach every day in every moment."

"I hope that next year in Schio, the team and I will succeed and reach a new level  of success."

Cohen was of course instrumental last season in the remarkable run of surprise package Wisla Can-Pack to EuroLeague Women Final Four and is happy with her contribution in Krakow.

"We made history for the club, the city and the fans. We made it to the Final Four winning 13 out of 16 games!  We didn't lose even one game in our gym in Krakow and all that is thanks to our great fans!"

"Of course we were supposed to play in the EuroCup and at the last moment we made it to EuroLeague Women and then all the way to Final Four. That made it even sweeter than it already was."

"As far as the Polish League is concerned, it wasn't easy. Technically we had a lot of  problems and those problems led us to losing in the play-offs and of course no one was happy with that."

"However overall and under the circumstances, it was a great season."

Cohen will be watching with interest as her former club dismantles the team that served the club so well last year but has endorsed Coach Hernandez and her former employers whoM she believes will assemble another competitive team for 2011.

"Coach Hernandez is a great coach and I believe he will build a team as good as we had last season.  I believe they will fight like every year for all the titles in the Polish League as well as in Europe, EuroCup or EuroLeague Women and I wish them good luck!"

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