Emilie Gomis (ESB Lille Metropole)

Emilie Gomis

Nationality: FRA
Born : 18.10.1983
Place of birth: Ziguinchor (SEN)
Height: 1.78m
Position: SG

14.7Points per game
3.4Rebounds per game
3.2Assists per game
ESB Lille Metropole




  • » Ranks #15 in Free Throws Made (3.9)
  • » Ranks #18 in Free Throws Attempted (5.4)
  • » Ranks #15 in 3 Pts Field Goal Percentage (43.9%)
Emilie Gomis - EuroBasket Women 2013 Profile

Team 2012-13: Basket Lattes Montpellier Agglomeration (France-LFB)

Career: Evreux (France-NF2, 1995-98), CFBB (France-NF2, 1998-2001), Tarbes GB (France-LFB, 2001-03), Villeneuve-d'Ascq (France-LFB, 2003-06), New York Liberty (USA-WNBA, 2006), Valenciennes (France-LFB, 2006-08), Fenerbahçe (Turkey-TKBL, 2008-09), Napoli (Italy-A1, 2009), ESB Lille Metropole (France-LFB, 2009-12), BLMA (France-LFB, 2012-13)

Perhaps sometimes unfairly overshadowed, there's little doubt that the talented Gomis is one of the most potent offensive players France have. She has demonstrated her extensive armoury to great effect ever since returning from a serious injury a few years ago. Her strength is that she can find multiple ways to score, but rarely at the expense of an easy pass to an open teammate. Nicknamed ‘Miss Go' and having been transformed from an impact player into a bona-fide starter and key cog in the French wheel, Gomis makes full use of her ability to create her own shot. She also possesses a lightening quick first step and her effective dribble penetration are assets which facilitate plenty of options for both herself and others.Gomis comes into the summer having won the regular season title in the LFB with BLMA.


vs Lavezzini Parma (W 72-76)373/933.33/742.90/20.012/1770.61121310118
vs CAB Madeira (W 80-37)315/955.64/580.01/425.05/683.31011030116
vs Acis Incosa (L 49-52)365/1338.54/850.01/520.01/1100.02352140312
vs Lavezzini Parma (L 71-77)321/425.00/10.01/333.35/683.3235720018
vs CAB Madeira (W 66-73)306/966.73/475.03/560.02/2100.02683640117
vs Acis Incosa (W 68-76)407/1258.35/1050.02/2100.03/475.00331830219
vs Hemofarm (W 56-69)344/1233.33/933.31/333.33/650.00333300212
vs Hemofarm (W 79-73)337/1353.82/540.05/862.52/2100.02135200221
vs Besiktas (W 79-77)347/887.53/475.04/4100.04/850.01015420222
vs Besiktas (L 73-44)310/100.00/50.00/50.02/2100.0123423012
CategorySeason highCareer high
Points2212.01.2006 vs. Besiktas26 - EuroLeague Women 2003
30.10.2002 vs ZKK Buducnost
Total Rebounds817.11.2005 vs. CAB Madeira9 - 2 times
Assists709.11.2005 vs. Lavezzini Parma8 - 3 times
Steals42 times5 - 3 times
Blocked Shots 1 - 4 times
Minutes4024.11.2005 vs. Acis Incosa42 - FIBA Europe Cup Women 2004
17.12.2003 vs BG Dorsten
Field Goals Made73 times9 - EuroLeague Women 2003
30.10.2002 vs ZKK Buducnost
Field Goals Attempted132 times17 - EuroBasket Women 2011
01.07.2011 vs Turkey
2 Pts Field Goals Made524.11.2005 vs. Acis Incosa9 - EuroLeague Women 2003
30.10.2002 vs ZKK Buducnost
2 Pts Field Goals Attempted1024.11.2005 vs. Acis Incosa15 - European Championship for Cadettes 1999
21.04.1999 vs Hungary
3 Pts Field Goals Made514.12.2005 vs. Hemofarm5 - EuroCup Women 2006
14.12.2005 vs Hemofarm
3 Pts Field Goals Attempted814.12.2005 vs. Hemofarm11 - EuroBasket Women 2011
01.07.2011 vs Turkey
Free Throws Made1220.10.2005 vs. Lavezzini Parma12 - EuroCup Women 2006
20.10.2005 vs Lavezzini Parma
Free Throws Attempted1720.10.2005 vs. Lavezzini Parma17 - EuroCup Women 2006
20.10.2005 vs Lavezzini Parma
Offensive Rebounds24 times5 - European Championship for Junior Women 2000
13.04.2000 vs Slovenia
Defensive Rebounds617.11.2005 vs. CAB Madeira7 - 3 times
Participations in FIBA Europe competitionsPPGRPGAPG
FIBA World Championship for Women 2014 (France)
EuroBasket Women - Final Round 2013 (France)
EuroCup Women 2013 (BLMA)
Olympic Games: Tournament for Women 2012 (France)
FIBA World Olympic Qualifying Tournament for Women 2012 (France)
EuroBasket Women - Final Round 2011 (France)
EuroLeague Women 2010 (ESB Lille Metropole)
EuroBasket Women - Final Round 2009 (France)
EuroLeague Women 2009 (Fenerbahce)
EuroLeague Women 2008 (USVO)
EuroBasket Women - Final Round 2007 (France)
EuroLeague Women 2007 (USVO)
World Championship for Women 2006 (France)
EuroCup Women 2006 (ESB Lille Metropole)
EuroBasket Women - Final Round 2005 (France)
EuroBasket Women - DIVISION A 2005 (France)
FIBA Europe Cup Women 2005 (ESB Lille)
FIBA Europe Cup Women - Pan-European Phase 2004 (ESBVA Lille Métropole)
FIBA Europe Cup Women - Conference West 2004 (ESBVA Lille Métropole)
European Championship for Women - Final Round 2003 (France)
World Championship for Young Women 2003 (France)
EuroLeague Women 2003 (Tarbes GB)
European Championship for Young Women - Final Round 2002 (France)
Ronchetti Cup 2002 (Tarbes GB)
European Championship for Young Women - Qualifying Round 2002 (France)
World Championship for Junior Women 2001 (France)
European Championship for Junior Women - Final Round 2000 (France)
European Championship for Junior Women - Challenge Round 2000 (France)
European Championship for Cadettes - Final Round 1999 (France)
European Championship for Cadettes - Challenge Round 1999 (France)



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