BG Dorsten 66 ESBVA Lille Métropole 63


600 spectators saw an amazing game in Dorsten tonight. The home club took the lead very quick.

While Lille had trouble with their hit rate, Dorsten got most of the rebounds and scored. At the end of the first quarter Dorsten assigned some shots and Lille could come a little closer.

In the second period, Lille still acted uncertainly and Dorsten made some very nice courses that made the suporters cheer loudly. While the teams were fighting on court, the German supporters supplied a little fight against the about 20 fans of Lille that had come into the Juliushall.

Both groups of supporters were a sixth man for their team tonight. With the signal for the halftimebreak, Nicole "Nikki" Johnson of Dorsten did a giant buzzerbeater to the 30:20.

Lille came back on court much stronger in the third period while Dorsten went into trouble because both guards soon got their fourth foul. The guests did not let come Lille to easy points now and always forced them to freethrows. But Lille fought their way to the reconciliation. Lille's Sabrina Reghaissia finally made the 43:43 in the 23nd minute.

Now the teams were fighting from point to point. Lille could even come to a 47:53 lead. Now, Nikki Johnson made very important points and helped her team to get back the leadership. Fourty seconds to play and Dorsten had the ball.

Lille defended as if it was for their live and forced Dorsten to 24 seconds. Lille's Emilie Gomis was fouled after it and made the 57:57 and got the ball again. Within the last second, Mudju Ngoyisa was fouled. Now it was on her shoulders to get the win for Lille. But she showed nerves, missed both freeshots and so the game went into overtime.

Now it seemed as if Lille dominated the game and they took over a 63:60 lead. Dorstens Mirka Jarchovska got her 5th foul as well. But hard defense of the hosts forced Lille to more and more turnovers.

33 seconds to play and Benedicte Fombonne got her 5th foul. Nikki Johnson made both freeshots and then forced the opponent to a replay and Dorsten got the ball back.

14 seconds to play, 65:63 lead for the hosts. Dorstens Isabelle Grenier was fouled again and made one freesshot. Another 8 seconds to play and Lille tried to shot impossible threepointers but could not hold Dorsten from a great 66:63 victory.

There was no MVP of the game named

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