Albacomp 101 vs. BC Boncourt 61


Albacomp came out and looked to try to decide the game right from the beginning. They took a serious lead early on and from there didn't let it out from their hands. Albacomp’s Jermaine Spivey's penetrations were unstoppable and from outside Ferenc Bódi hit some nice three pointers. For Boncourt only Richmond was the one who was trying to keep up with Albacomp.

In the second quarter Kenny Younger checked into the game in the Hungarian team and hit a few nice mid-range jumpers and was also strong in the paint. Albacomp operated a transition game and were really successful with it. By halftime the locals had increased the margin to 47-29.

In the second half everything continued as it had in the first 20 minutes. Boncourt still couldn't find their shots and Albacomp was able to step up and took a more serious lead. The home team also dominated in the paint as they grabbed 37 rebounds compared to Boncourt's 22. Maris Citskovskis had a few three pointers and looked like the game was already over for the Swiss team.

In the final 10 minutes Albacomp ran the bench but even they caused Swiss team a very hard time and the difference kept on growing. Even though Boncourt switched to zone defense Albacomp had the plays to counter it and finished the game with a devastating 40 point win, 101-61.

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