Penny Taylor (UMMC Ekaterinburg)

Penny Taylor

Nationality: AUS
Born : 24.05.1981
Place of birth: Mount Waverley (AUS)
Height: 1.83m
Position: F

7.4Points per game
3.2Rebounds per game
0.9Assists per game
UMMC Ekaterinburg




vs Jolly JBS Sibenik (W 62-92)308/1172.76/966.72/2100.00/00.02464430018
vs LOTOS PKO BP (W 71-82)212/540.00/10.02/450.00/00.0033131206
vs Ros Casares (W 89-81)172/450.02/450.00/00.01/1100.0202020025
vs ZVVZ USK Prague (W 64-94)181/333.30/10.01/250.02/2100.0235232005
vs Union Hainaut Basket (W 65-85)142/825.00/40.02/450.00/00.0303010036
vs LOTOS PKO BP (W 69-51)220/50.00/20.00/30.02/2100.0011001242
vs TEO Vilnius (W 46-69)00/00.00/00.00/00.00/00.0000000000
vs Fenerbahce (W 94-62)205/5100.04/4100.01/1100.04/580.01340120215
vs Fenerbahce (W 68-70)231/425.01/250.00/20.04/666.7123110026
vs Spartak (L 83-74)162/450.02/366.70/10.03/475.0011010047
vs MKB Euroleasing (W 80-56)142/450.02/2100.00/20.00/00.0134103024
CategorySeason highCareer high
Points1815.10.2008 vs. Jolly JBS Sibenik37 - EuroLeague Women 2011
15.12.2010 vs MKB Euroleasing
Total Rebounds615.10.2008 vs. Jolly JBS Sibenik13 - EuroLeague Women 2006
14.12.2005 vs Gambrinus
Assists415.10.2008 vs. Jolly JBS Sibenik7 - 2 times
Steals32 times5 - EuroLeague Women 2008
05.12.2007 vs Halcon Avenida
Blocked Shots22 times3 - 2 times
Minutes3015.10.2008 vs. Jolly JBS Sibenik38 - EuroLeague Women 2010
05.02.2010 vs Cras Basket Taranto
Field Goals Made815.10.2008 vs. Jolly JBS Sibenik12 - EuroLeague Women 2006
12.01.2006 vs Lotos Gdynia
Field Goals Attempted1115.10.2008 vs. Jolly JBS Sibenik26 - EuroLeague Women 2006
12.01.2006 vs Lotos Gdynia
2 Pts Field Goals Made615.10.2008 vs. Jolly JBS Sibenik10 - EuroLeague Women 2006
12.01.2006 vs Lotos Gdynia
2 Pts Field Goals Attempted915.10.2008 vs. Jolly JBS Sibenik17 - EuroLeague Women 2006
12.01.2006 vs Lotos Gdynia
3 Pts Field Goals Made23 times4 - 2 times
3 Pts Field Goals Attempted42 times9 - EuroLeague Women 2006
12.01.2006 vs Lotos Gdynia
Free Throws Made42 times12 - EuroLeague Women 2010
02.02.2010 vs Cras Basket Taranto
Free Throws Attempted620.02.2009 vs. Fenerbahce13 - EuroLeague Women 2012
27.10.2011 vs Beretta-Famila
Offensive Rebounds313.11.2008 vs. Union Hainaut Basket6 - EuroLeague Women 2011
08.12.2010 vs Gospic Croatia
Defensive Rebounds415.10.2008 vs. Jolly JBS Sibenik11 - EuroLeague Women 2006
14.12.2005 vs Gambrinus
Participations in FIBA Europe competitionsPPGRPGAPG
EuroLeague Women 2012 (Fenerbahce)
EuroLeague Women 2011 (Fenerbahce)
FIBA World Championship for Women 2010 (Australia)
EuroLeague Women 2010 (Fenerbahce)
ELW All Star Game 2010 (Rest of the World)
EuroLeague Women 2009 (UMMC Ekaterinburg)
Olympic Games: Tournament Women 2008 (Australia)
FIBA Diamond Ball Tournament for Women 2008 (Australia)
EuroLeague Women 2008 (UMMC Ekaterinburg)
FIBA World League for Women 2007 (UMMC Ekaterinburg)
EuroLeague Women 2007 (Famila Basket)
EuroLeague Women All Star Game 2007 (Rest of the World)
World Championship for Women 2006 (Australia)
EuroLeague Women 2006 (Famila)
Olympic Games: Tournament for Women 2004 (Australia)
FIBA Diamond Ball Tournament for Women 2004 (Australia)
World Championship for Women 2002 (Australia)
World Championship for Junior Women 1997 (Australia)



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