FIBA Europe Judge Rules on UMMC Ekaterinburg

National Federations Responsible for Eligibility

FIBA Europe processes over 3,000 player licences in a 6-week period before the start of each season, and would like to emphasise that the eligibility of players is the responsibility of the respective national federation as stated in the European Club Competition Regulations.

FIBA Europe Judge Ruling

A preliminary enquiry into the case regarding the eligibility of certain UMMC Ekaterinburg players participating in the EuroLeague Women was conducted at the beginning of the season at the request of Bourges Basket on 4th November 2003. FIBA Europe sought legal advice on the issue and was informed that no violation of the eligibility rules had taken place.

EuroLeague Women Quarter-Final Playoffs: Game Dates Change

In light of recent developments regarding the eligibility of 2 players participating in the EuroLeague Women and in accordance with Article 14.3 of the Regulations for European Club Competitions, FIBA Europe has decided to postpone the EuroLeague Women Quarter-Final games between clubs UMMC Ekaterinburg and Gambrinus JME Brno by one week.



NoNamePos. HeightBirth datePlace of birth
 Svetlana Abrosimova 1.85 09.07.1980 St. Petersburg (RUS)  
 Elena Baranova FC 1.92 28.01.1972 Frounzé (KGZ)  
 Lauren Jackson PF 1.95 11.05.1981 Albury (AUS)  
 Olga Masilionene SG 1.81 25.01.1980 Minsk (BLR)  
 5DeLisha Milton-Jones PF 1.91 11.09.1974 Jesup, GA (USA)  
 6Tamecka Dixon 1.75 14.12.1975 Plainfield, NJ (USA)  
 7Anna Arkhipova 1.78 27.07.1973 Stavropol (RUS)  
 8Marina Khazova 1.86 05.02.1981 Roubtsovsk (RUS)  
10Ticha Penicheiro 1.78 18.09.1974 Figueira da Foz (POR)  
12Diana Goustilina 1.85 21.04.1974 Vladivostok (RUS)  
13Yolanda Griffith 1.93 01.03.1970 Chicago, IL (USA)  
14Irina Osipova 1.97 25.06.1981 Moscow (RUS)  


Head Coach: Zoran Visic

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EuroLeague Women Player of the Week - Yolanda Griffith

As the EuroLeague Women regular season ends one player stands out as having made her presence felt whenever she has hit the court. UMMC Ekaterinburg‘s Yolanda Griffith has dominated the inside game in Group A, not least during the final game against CariChieti. Griffith’s double double of 31 points and 10 rebounds, including 100% shooting from the field, lifted Ekaterinburg to a 87-74 win and the top position in the group. It also earns her Player of the Week honours.

UMMC Ekaterinburg 87 CariChieti 74

EuroLeague Women defending champions Ekaterinburg clinched top spot in Group A after their defeat of Italian side Carichieti in the final game of the Qualifying Round.

EuroLeague Women 2004: no holds barred and may the best team(s) win…09.02.2004
Pays d'Aix Basket 79 UMMC Ekaterinburg 7528.01.2004
UMMC 76 USK Blex KV 4621.01.2004
Bourges Basket 62 UMMC Ekaterinburg 7015.01.2004
UMMC Ekaterinburg 85 Universitat FC Barcelona 6217.12.2003
Euroleasing-Orsi Sopron 44 UMMC Ekaterinburg 6210.12.2003
CUS CariChieti 57 UMMC Ekaterinburg 9304.12.2003
UMMC Ekaterinburg 81 - MBK Ruzomberok 5026.11.2003
UMMC 55 - Pays d'Aix Basket 5020.11.2003
USK Blex KV Praha 70 UMMC Ekaterinburg 6612.11.2003




PTSD. Milton-Jones17.2
RTD. Milton-Jones8.6
ASA. Arkhipova3.0
STT. Penicheiro2.2
BSI. Osipova1.4


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22.10.2003vs Euroleasing-Orsi[W] 75-50 (H)
29.10.2003vs Universitat FC Barcelona [L] 70-94 (A)
06.11.2003vs Bourges Basket[W] 82-53 (H)
12.11.2003vs USK Blex[L] 66-70 (A)
20.11.2003vs Pays D´Aix Basket 13[W] 55-50 (H)
26.11.2003vs MBK Ruzomberok[W] 81-50 (H)
04.12.2003vs CariChieti[W] 93-57 (A)
10.12.2003vs Euroleasing-Orsi[W] 62-44 (A)
17.12.2003vs Universitat FC Barcelona [W] 85-62 (H)
14.01.2004vs Bourges Basket[W] 70-62 (A)
21.01.2004vs USK Blex[W] 76-46 (H)
28.01.2004vs Pays D´Aix Basket 13[L] 75-79 (A)
04.02.2004vs MBK Ruzomberok[W] 85-77 (A)
11.02.2004vs CariChieti[W] 87-74 (H)
02.03.2004vs Gambrinus JME[L] 0-20 (H)
05.03.2004vs Gambrinus JME[L] 0-20 (A)


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