MBC Odessa 91 vs. EURAS 83

Ukrainian team MBC Odessa had to overcome Russian visitors EURAS Ekaterinburg by 16 points if they were to earn a spot in the Conference Final Four. It was a task that proved beyond them, and although they won the game, the 8-point margin was not enough to further their 2005 FIBA Europe Cup hopes.

Odessa produced a strong opening quarter, outscoring EURAS 26-15 and seemed on the way to complete their task. But, led by veterans Roy Hairston and Dubravko Zemljic, EURAS worked their way back into the game and trailed by just 4 points at halftime, 43-39.

MBC Odessa 79 vs. Lokomotiv Rostov 82

MBC Odessa took on Lokomotiv Rostov tonight in a match-up where only pride was at stake. Both teams were assured of advancing to the next round of the competition, but Odessa were trying to inflict a first defeat against the Russian side in the competition.

Ultimately they fell short of their task as Lokomotiv proved to be the stronger side down the stretch, and the Russians stretched away for a 79-82 win to preserve their unbeaten record.


NoNamePos. HeightBirth datePlace of birth
 Valeriy Mykhal'chenko GF 1.93 23.03.1977 Dnipropetrovsk (UKR)  
 Denis Ushakov  2.03 02.06.1978 Simferopol, Krym 
 5Dmytro Shevchenko SG 1.97 24.05.1985 Dnepropetrovsk (UKR)  
 6Leonid Myloserdnyy 1.80 02.10.1980 Odessa (UKR)  
 7Oleg Tkach 1.92 15.02.1973 Kamenets, Vinnit (UKR)  
 9Oleg Tymoshenko PG 1.94 10.04.1980 Kiev (UKR)  
10Andriy Drugachonok 1.96 13.12.1975 Odessa (UKR)  
11Oleksandr Okunskyy 2.14 13.07.1971 Kishinev (MDA)  
12Yaroslav Zubrytskyy 2.02 19.11.1974 Lviov (UKR)  
13Andriy Kapinos 1.98 30.09.1977 Kharkov (UKR)  
14Tencho Banev 2.07 14.08.1980 Haskovo (BUL)  
15Yevgeniy Annyenkov 1.87 22.02.1977 Dnepropetrovsk (UKR)  

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MBC Odessa 87 vs. Dalkia Nybit 72
Tonight in Group C of the FIBA Europe Cup Men, Dalkia Nybit was on the road to take on MBC Odessa. The game started out strong on both defensive ends, and therefore most of the offensive attacks were unsuccessful. 
MBC Odessa 78 vs. BC Sumykhimprom 70

Less than a month ago both of the teams met in the first fight of the National Championship. In that game Sumykhimprom won with 19 point margin.

From the beginning tonight it seemed that MBC ODESSA was on track for victory. The biggest contrast from the last game were the "big" players. Banev scored not only the first 4 points, but also took most of the rebounds. In defence Zubrytskyy made a couple of very important steals while on the perimeter Tkach and Annyenkov were hot for 3-points shooting.


MBC Odessa
MBC Odessa


PTSY. Zubrytskyy14.6
RTY. Zubrytskyy7.1
ASY. Annyenkov2.9
STT. Banev1.8
BST. Banev0.6


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03.11.2004vs BC Sumykhimprom[W] 78-70 (H)
11.11.2004vs Dalkia Nybit[W] 83-63 (A)
18.11.2004vs Lokomotiv Rostov[L] 73-84 (A)
24.11.2004vs BC Sumykhimprom[W] 69-48 (A)
30.11.2004vs Dalkia Nybit[W] 87-72 (H)
08.12.2004vs Lokomotiv Rostov[L] 79-82 (H)
12.01.2005vs EURAS[L] 64-80 (A)
20.01.2005vs EURAS[W] 91-83 (H)


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