Khimik’s Famutimi Looks Ahead To Proteas Clashes


Of all the teams that reached the EuroCup Quarter Final Round, none are as happy as Khimik.

Beaten by Barons in their penultimate game after blowing a big fourth quarter lead, the Ukrainian team kept its focus and won a do-or-die showdown against pre-tournament favorites Lokomotiv Rostov this week.

Now they face an even bigger test against against Proteas EKA AEL.

"I don't know too much about the Cyprus team," Khimik star Olumuyiwa Famutimi said to FIBA Europe on Thursday.

"I do know it will be a very big challenge for us and we'll do whatever it takes to prepare ourselves to win.

"That's what we are aiming for right now."

Famutimi was a huge reason for Khimik's success in Group D,  where they finished second behind Barons.

He has averaged better than 12 points and seven rebounds per game in the EuroCup.

What might work against Khimik is that because they weren't able to win the group, they do not have home court advantage.

"Whether it's home or away, we're going to play the same way," Famutimi said.

"We'll just try to break down their offense and do what we've got to do hard on our side - try to win."


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