ECM Nymburk 82 SLUC Nancy 70


ECM Nymburk recorded an important home win over SLUC Nancy that keeps their slim FEL play-off hopes alive.

Nancy only arrived with 9 players, but the French outfit were well prepared and gave Nymburk a tough time. The Czech side came up with the first lead of the contest, one which they stubbornly managed to hang on to for 40 minutes.

Nymburk opened the game with 3 consecutive 3-pointers and generally excellent long range shooting. The home side shot well throughout the first half and their shooting proficiency saw them take an 11-point lead in the 2nd quarter.

This prompted a Nancy timeout, after which the French side began to play more consistently and slowly worked their way back into the game. By the end of the first half, Nancy were well within striking distance and the score was 35:29.

The next 2 quarters belonged to Nymburk forward Stanislav Votroubek. The 22-year old may stand 2.12 meters tall, but he also possesses a great shooting touch. He scored 17 of his 25 points in the second half, including 7/9 3-point shooting.

Votroubek also saved his points for the key moments in the game, single-handedly holding off Nancy and allowing his team to close the game with a 12-point cushion.

Votroubek was named MVP of the game.

Vincent Masingue was Nancy’s top scorer with 24 points.


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