MBC Odessa 66 ECM Nymburk 74


It took a big effort before Nymburk could take the points from MBC Odessa winning 66-74.

After the first 3 minutes of the game the score was tied 3:3. Then Odessa impressed the spectators with a 6-0-run, however, after a time-out ECM Nymburk was getting into the ball game and the quarter finished equally (21-21).

Thanks to several dynamic moves by Stanislav Votroubek the visitors began to take control over MBC. And by demonstrating his skills, Maurice Whitfield helped Nymburk to increase their lead. At half time the score was 35-43.

ECM Nymburk was excellent at both ends of the court and with this they were able to hold MBC down. All of Odessa's efforts in the second half were in vain and the Czechs kept their 8-point lead until the final whistle.

Game-MVP: Ashante Johnson


Strauss Iscar Nahariya 108 ECM Nymburk 8303.02.2004
ECM Nymburk 71 - NIS Vojvodina 8227.01.2004
ECM Nymburk 86 Telestet Maroussi 7720.01.2004
ECM Nymburk 82 SLUC Nancy 7016.12.2003
Kalev Tallinn 99 ECM Nymburk 9609.12.2003
ECM Nymburk 86 Dynamo Moscow 8902.12.2003
ECM Nymburk 85 Ironi Strauss Nahariya 9425.11.2003

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