ECM Nymburk 86 Dynamo Moscow 89


BK ECM Nymburk lost a thrilling game against Dynamo Moscow in the last minute 86-89.

Dynamo played very aggressively from the very beginning, and was the better team in rebounds, taking advantage of center Kenajn Dzons. In addition they made a couple of fast breaks in the first minutes. The result was a 6-point-lead after five minutes. In the period following Nymburk couldn’t find an easy way to score and stayed three points behind after 10 minutes.

Ashante Johnson goes to work in the low post against Dimitri Domani
The second period proved to be a real disaster for Nymburk. After a few substitutions, the players from the bench could not get into the game and the home team played much worse than Dynamo. In that time Nymburk wasn’t dangerous in offense at all and didn’t play well on the defensive end either. After a successful three-throw from Julius Jefferson in the last second, Dynamo had a 14-point lead. The score at halftime was 40-54.

Michal Jezdik, the Head Coach of Nymburk made a big speech during the half-time break and Nymburk players were completely rejuvenated. They improved their defense and started to run. By hitting some three-pointers the Czechs closed the gap step by step.

Maurice Whitfield had some important points and rebounds to help his team at this point of the game.  Jiri Trnka and the rest of the team supported him strongly in the defense. As a result Dynamo didn’t get much time for shooting. The Russians were only able to score 8 points in the whole quarter and after 30 minutes led  by only one point (61-62).

Nymburk started the fourth period like they have finished the third. They took advantage of the game, which was shaping up to be a real thriller. But as time went on Dynamo was able to recover. Nymburk had lost a lot of power getting back into the ball game and that might be the reason for losing the match in the last minute. Nymburk was five points ahead but three consecutive turnovers changed the score in favor of the visitors from Moscow.

Game-MVP: Maurice Whitfield


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