ECM Nymburk 98 – MBC Odessa 65

05 November 2003

29 points from center Jiri Zidek was the key performance in ECM Nymburk's win 98:65 win over MBC Odessa.

Zidek stepped up right from the start and strong defense from Nymburk resulted in them building a quick 10-point lead.

This was the home team's first game in Europe this season with US forward Ashante Johnson. Johnson was MVP of the Czech League last season and decided to return to Nymburk just last week. Although he didn't start well on offense, Johnson made up for it by playing good defense.

Strong inside play from Nymburk opened up the perimeter for their 3-point shooters and they hit a total of 14 for the game, compared to just 3 for Odessa.

By the 12th minute Nymburk led by 17 points (34:17) and continued aggresive defense held Odessa to just 26 first half points.

The second half produced no surprises and Odessa easily held onto their lead and closed the game out, 98:65.

Guard Maurice Whitfield added 21 points and 6 assists to Zidek's 29, and Johnson finished with 15 points and 8 rebounds.

Game MVP: Jiri Zidek


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