ECM Nymburk 71 - NIS Vojvodina 82


BK ECM Nymburk lost a thrilling game against NIS Vojvodina in the second half of the match.

Nymburk played aggressively from the very start; they were better in rebounding and running the fast break. But Vojvodina returned with good defense. First period ended with the score 20:17 for Nymburk.

The second period started similar to the first. Nymburk had an eleven-point lead and the opportunity to increase their lead with some easy points after fast breaks, but they didn’t score. In addition to that Vojvodina scored important three-pointers and instead of a lead of 15 points for Nymburk - Vojvodina was back in the game. After that Nymburk lost their nerves.

The third period proved to be a real disaster for Nymburk. After a few substitutions the players from the bench could not get into the game and so the home team played much worse than Vojvodina. In that time Nymburk wasn’t dangerous in offense at all and didn’t play good defensive either. Novi Sad was better in rebounding, especially in offense. Nymburk lost that period with 19:29. After 30 minutes the hosts were behind by 6 (56:62).

In the fourth quarter Nymburk couldn’t recover from the third period. Furthermore they weren’t able to defend Vojvodina’s excellent shooter Gurovic, who scored 7 three-pointer out of 11.

MVP: Milan Gurovic


Strauss Iscar Nahariya 108 ECM Nymburk 8303.02.2004
ECM Nymburk 86 Telestet Maroussi 7720.01.2004
MBC Odessa 66 ECM Nymburk 7413.01.2004
ECM Nymburk 82 SLUC Nancy 7016.12.2003
Kalev Tallinn 99 ECM Nymburk 9609.12.2003
ECM Nymburk 86 Dynamo Moscow 8902.12.2003
ECM Nymburk 85 Ironi Strauss Nahariya 9425.11.2003

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