ECM Nymburk 86 Telestet Maroussi 77


ECM Nymburk produced a strong first half against Maroussi Athens. In the second half they controlled the game and held onto their lead until the final whistle.

The Czech side led throughout the first half and it looked like they would go on and win the contest as Nymburk played very aggressively from the beginning.  This resulted in a six point lead after five minutes and after the first period Nymburk stood seven points ahead: 25:18.

The second period was played in the same rhythm as the first. Nymburk put big pressure on Maroussi´s point-guard and did not allow the Greek team play their own game. As a result Maroussi lost a few balls, made some mistakes and didn’t get any rebounds. The Athens team simply couldn’t score as Nymburk's defence was excellent. The only points made by Maroussi were free throws in that time.  The half time score was 47:33.

The third period started with three-pointers on both sides and the game picked up speed. However, Nymburk was more successful in shooting from the perimeter and the difference in the score grew. Nymburk was 20 points ahead and the Greeks didn’t know how to answer. The score after the third period was 70:51.

In the last 10 minutes Maroussi played their best basketball. Even though the difference in the score was about twenty points they didn’t stop fighting. Nevertheless, it was too late. Final score 86:77.

Game-MVP: Ashante Johnson (22 points)


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