BK Loko 65 vs. Delta ICP 83


A strong opening quarter from Slovak side Kosice was enough to give them a road win over home team BK Loko Trutnov in the EuroLeague Women.

Kosice's victory moves them into 5th position in Group B, ahead of Trutnov, and should grant them a spot in the upcoming play-offs.

It was Kosice's front line of Gwen Slaughter and Hana Jendrichovsk√° who sparked their side in the first period, combining for 13 of Kosice's 25 points. Trutnov struggled in the face of this offensive onslaught. They shot just 4/15 in the first 10 minutes and trailed 25-10 by end of the quarter.

Trutnov's first quarter lapse left them a mountain to climb in the remaining 30 minutes. Kosice were well up to the challenge and maintained a double digit lead throughout the remainder of the game.

Jennifer Smith finished the game with 24 points for Kosice. Slaughter had 15 points and 16 rebounds and Jendrichovsk√° added 17 points.


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