Jelena Skerovic

Nationality: MNE
Born : 23.12.1980
Place of birth: Podgorica (MNE)
Height: 1.77m
Position: G

8.4Points per game
4.7Rebounds per game
2.9Assists per game




  • » Ranks #16 in Assists (2.9)
  • » Ranks #14 in Turnovers (3.2)
  • » Ranks #6 in Minutes (34.5)
Jelena Skerovic - EuroBasket Women 2013 Profile

Club Team 2012-13: ZVVZ USK Prague (Czech Republic-ZBL)
Career: Buducnost Podgorica (Serbia & Montenegro-1A, 2001-04), Wisla Can-Pack (Poland-PLKK, 2004-09), Frisco Sika Brno (Czech Republic-ZBL, 2009-11), Sparta&K M.R. Vidnoje (Russia-Premier League, 2011-12), ZVVZ USK Prague (Czech Republic-ZBL, 2012-13)

Having represented Serbia and also Serbia and Montenegro, the 32-year-old playmaker finally got the proud chance to represent Montenegro and lead them to historic successes by directing traffic on the court. One of the most experienced and recognisable point guards in European basketball, Skerovic has played for a host of top clubs, competing in EuroLeague Women for over a decade. She shows little sign of slowing down, having finished last summers' qualification campaign with more assists than any other player, dishing up a magnificent 6.1-per-game which highlights both her importance and level of experience she brings to the table. With great anticipation, Skerovic rebounds very well for her position and also has a reasonable three-point threat. Not one of the best around by any means, but enough to command respect from those guarding her. She is the lungs and floor general who sets the tempo and when she is on fire, the teams tends to follow her lead.



vs Tarbes GB (L 74-65)402/633.31/425.01/250.00/00.0134520035
vs Gambrinus JME (L 72-77)304/666.74/580.00/10.02/2100.01670520210
vs MiZo-Pecsi VSK (L 63-72)141/616.70/30.01/333.30/00.0112110013
vs PZU Polfa (W 70-66)345/1145.54/757.11/425.00/00.01340110211
vs UMMC Ekaterinburg (L 76-55)374/1040.04/850.00/20.02/450.02244200010
vs Pool Comense (W 78-73)394/850.03/70.01/10.05/70.01344620214
vs Union Sportive Valenciennes Olympic (L 96-57)365/1145.54/944.41/250.02/450.01783530413
vs Tarbes GB (W 71-70)401/1010.01/812.50/20.03/475.0213000025
vs Gambrinus JME (L 113-75)325/955.65/955.60/00.02/366.70885600112
vs MiZo-Pecsi VSK (L 95-59)330/30.00/10.00/20.00/00.0011433030
vs PZU Polfa (L 74-69)373/1127.33/1127.30/00.00/00.0055620026
vs UMMC Ekaterinburg (L 54-67)404/1233.33/1030.01/250.03/650.02133420412
vs Pool Comense (L 94-71)375/955.63/650.02/366.72/2100.01783500414
vs Union Sportive Valenciennes Olympic (L 63-100)341/714.31/425.00/30.00/00.0055330042
CategorySeason highCareer high
Points142 times34 - EuroLeague Women 2007
20.12.2006 vs USO Mondeville
Total Rebounds83 times14 - EuroLeague Women 2011
28.10.2010 vs Beretta-Famila
Assists606.02.2003 vs. PZU Polfa14 - EuroLeague Women 2006
18.01.2006 vs Dynamo
Steals32 times8 - Ronchetti Cup 2002
24.10.2001 vs ZKK Croatia
Blocked Shots 1 - 6 times
Minutes403 times45 - EuroLeague Women 2011
15.12.2010 vs Gorzow
Field Goals Made54 times13 - EuroLeague Women 2007
20.12.2006 vs USO Mondeville
Field Goals Attempted1213.02.2003 vs. UMMC Ekaterinburg20 - EuroLeague Women 2007
15.11.2006 vs USO Mondeville
2 Pts Field Goals Made522.01.2003 vs. Gambrinus JME7 - Ronchetti Cup 2002
17.10.2001 vs ZKK Croatia
2 Pts Field Goals Attempted1106.02.2003 vs. PZU Polfa15 - 2 times
3 Pts Field Goals Made219.02.2003 vs. Pool Comense7 - EuroLeague Women 2007
20.12.2006 vs USO Mondeville
3 Pts Field Goals Attempted405.12.2002 vs. PZU Polfa12 - EuroLeague Women 2007
20.12.2006 vs USO Mondeville
Free Throws Made518.12.2002 vs. Pool Comense9 - EuroBasket Women 2013
15.06.2013 vs Slovak Republic
Free Throws Attempted718.12.2002 vs. Pool Comense12 - EuroBasket Women 2013
15.06.2013 vs Slovak Republic
Offensive Rebounds23 times5 - EuroLeague Women 2011
28.10.2010 vs Beretta-Famila
Defensive Rebounds822.01.2003 vs. Gambrinus JME11 - EuroLeague Women 2006
18.01.2006 vs Dynamo



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