Lietuvos Telekomas 79 vs. TS Wisla Can-Pack 53


Lietuvos telekomas is back on the winning road

Lietuvos Telekomas took the lead and control early in the game. TS Wisla Krakow never even managed to get close to the Lithuanian champions.

The first half was rather nervous for the Lietuvos Telekomas players as they tried to show the best possible game. This was the way in which they wanted to tell their fans that last week’s huge defeat in Brno was just an accident and nothing more. The result of this over-motivation were many missed easy shots, with the consequence that the Lithuanians were not able enlarge their lead.

In the second half Lietuvos Telekomas made it clear that the visitors wouldn't have any chances of winning the game. The Lithuanians extended their 8-points halftime lead to 26 and secured themselves an easy win.

Jurgita Streimikyte-Virbickiene was the best scorer of the game with 22 points and 9 rebounds while EuroLeague leading scorer Katie Douglas was just a step behind her. The American guard posted a rarely seen double-double with 21 points and a EuroLeague season-high 11(!) steals.

This win secured the second place in Group A for Lietuvos Telekomas before the second round.

The team from Vilnius will now have two very important road games in Valenciennes and Sopron. These games could become decisive for the final standings.


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