MKB Euroleasing 67 vs. TS Wisla Can-Pack 68

01 December 2004

Polish side TS Wisla pulled off an upset tonight in Sopron. The EuroLeague Women rookies defeated Sopron in a close contest and got their competition hopes back on track after consecutive losses to Brno and Valenciennes.

Shannon Johnson and Tangela Smith sparked a 4th quarter comeback for Wisla which saw them overcome an 8-point deficit and take the game.

It was Sopron who were able to control the majority of the contest. European Championship MVP Lucie Blahuskova is showing some of the form which so impressed in 2003 and her scoring (19 points) allowed Sopron to maintain the lead.

But the decisive period proved to be the last 6 minutes when Smith and Johnson, an Olympic gold medallist, were unstoppable for Wisla.

Sopron's final chance of the contest came in the final 3 seconds, when down by 3-points, 21-year old center Ivana Matovic found herself on the free throw line. She made the first and tried to intetionally miss the second to give her team another chance to score. But she misjudged her shot and it went in, ending Sopron's chances.


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