Gambrinus JME 80 vs. TS Wisla Can-Pack 59

10 November 2004

The result was decided in the first half (44:26) which the Czech team achieved through tough defence, a quick combination game and accurate shooting from all positions.

The Polish team was ahead in the third minute 7:2 as the Czech players were a little nervous. The score remained tight however as Zuzana Zirkova took care of business for the home side, shooting the first seven points for Brno.

Despite the tight beginning, the hosts were able to turn the game around and stretch their lead to 18 points by half-time.

Wisla were not able to come back and make a run in the second half and had many turnovers through mistakes underneath the basket. The Czech team played a mixed game right from the beginning, using their players Zirkova, Poto, and McWilliams-Franklin in perfectly finished fast breaks.



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