Viacheslav Kravtsov (BC Kyiv)

Viacheslav Kravtsov

Nationality: UKR
Born : 25.08.1987
Place of birth: Odessa (UKR)
Height: 2.12m
Position: C

4.9Points per game
3.5Rebounds per game
0.3Assists per game
BC Kyiv




  • » Ranks #5 in Blocked Shots (1.3)
Viacheslav Kravtsov - EuroBasket 2013 Profile

Team 2012-13: Detroit Pistons (USA-NBA)
Career: BC Kyiv (Ukraine-Superleague, 2005- 10); BC Donetsk (Ukraine-Superleague, 2010-12); Detroit Pistons (USA- NBA, 2012-13)

Slava Kravtsov is team Ukraine's only active NBA player who, after being benched by the Detroit Pistons for most of 2012/13 season, is hungry for game action and is expected to have a breakthrough campaign under coach Fratello and use the momentum in the NBA. Kravtsov is Ukraine's most athletic big man, who can run the floor and finish in transition. He is also an intimidating force on defence, as his help side shot-blocking ability will provide Fratello's team with several igniting defensive stops-per-game. EuroBasket 2013 in Slovenia is, as for the majority of the players, going to be Kravtsov's third straight summer coached by the Czar.



vs Panellinios (L 96-69)00/00.00/00.00/00.00/00.0000000000
vs Panellinios (W 96-72)00/00.00/00.00/00.00/00.0000000000
vs BC Triumph (L 67-64)00/00.00/00.00/00.00/00.0000000000
vs BC Kalev Cramo (W 90-75)82/2100.02/2100.00/00.00/30.0101000114
vs D. Bank Skyliners (W 58-66)131/333.31/333.30/00.00/00.0112103112
vs BC Triumph (W 66-65)90/20.00/20.00/00.00/20.0000001020
vs BC Kalev Cramo (L 82-76)00/00.00/00.00/00.00/00.0000000000
vs D. Bank Skyliners (W 78-46)110/10.00/10.00/00.00/00.0000010150
vs EWE Baskets (W 73-86)40/00.00/00.00/00.00/00.0011000010
vs Galatasaray Café Crown (W 95-62)00/00.00/00.00/00.00/00.0000000000
vs Virtus BolognaFiere (L 68-64)00/00.00/00.00/00.00/00.0000000000
vs EWE Baskets (W 64-54)324/580.04/580.00/00.02/540.03470413310
vs Galatasaray Café Crown (W 73-80)226/6100.06/6100.00/00.01/425.03470001513
vs Virtus BolognaFiere (L 57-69)313/560.03/560.00/00.00/00.0246031316
vs Cholet Basket (L 68-52)324/850.04/850.00/00.02/2100.01560002310
vs Cholet Basket (W 77-72)271/1100.01/1100.00/00.05/771.4246231227
vs Cholet Basket (L 80-74)161/250.01/250.00/00.00/00.0123021002
CategorySeason highCareer high
Points1303.03.2009 vs. Galatasaray Café Crown16 - 2 times
Total Rebounds72 times16 - EuroBasket 2011
05.09.2011 vs Belgium
Assists219.03.2009 vs. Cholet Basket3 - EuroBasket 2011
14.08.2010 vs Great Britain
Steals309.12.2008 vs. D. Bank Skyliners3 - EuroChallenge 2009
09.12.2008 vs D. Bank Skyliners
Blocked Shots32 times8 - EuroBasket 2007
15.08.2007 vs Denmark
Minutes322 times37 - EuroChallenge 2010
01.12.2009 vs Roanne Basket
Field Goals Made603.03.2009 vs. Galatasaray Café Crown6 - 6 times
Field Goals Attempted817.03.2009 vs. Cholet Basket11 - U20 European Championship Men 2006
22.07.2006 vs Belgium
2 Pts Field Goals Made603.03.2009 vs. Galatasaray Café Crown6 - 6 times
2 Pts Field Goals Attempted817.03.2009 vs. Cholet Basket11 - U20 European Championship Men 2006
22.07.2006 vs Belgium
3 Pts Field Goals Made 1 - 2 times
3 Pts Field Goals Attempted 1 - 5 times
Free Throws Made519.03.2009 vs. Cholet Basket8 - EuroBasket 2013
21.08.2012 vs Croatia
Free Throws Attempted719.03.2009 vs. Cholet Basket14 - EuroBasket 2013
21.08.2012 vs Croatia
Offensive Rebounds32 times7 - U18 European Championship Men 2005
24.07.2005 vs Iceland
Defensive Rebounds517.03.2009 vs. Cholet Basket10 - 2 times



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