BC Kyiv 75 - Ural Great Perm 86


Kyiv started the game with a field goal percentage of 100%. After 5 minutes they were ahead by 6 (11:5). American playmaker Celestand was definitely one of their most important men this evening. He controlled the game and lead his team to a score of 45:36 after 20 minutes. Beside him Andriy Lebedyev was very hot tonight – 14 points at half time for the German-born player.

Although Kyiv has lost any chance to proceed to the 1/8 final play-offs many spectators came to support their team. Almost 4000 spectators saw the game and turned the gym into a hot spot.

After the break the game lost its intensity and Kyiv made a lot of fouls. As a result, the Russians were able to narrow the gap easily. They trailed only by one at the end of the third period.

Now it was the time of Ural Great. They took the lead and never gave it back. Ural won the last quarter 14:26!

The final score was 75:86 for the guests from Russia.


GHP Bamberg 77 BC Kyiv 7303.02.2004
Skonto 81 BC Kyiv 7528.01.2004
BC Kyiv 66 Hapoel Tel Aviv 8113.01.2004
Honka Playboys 67 BC Kyiv 8016.12.2003
BC Kyiv 74 Aris BSA Thessaloniki 7509.12.2003
Polonia-Warbud Warszawa 98 BC Kiev 7603.12.2003
BC Kyiv 110 GHP Bamberg 7125.11.2003

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