Ural Great 75 vs. BS Energy Braunschweig 77


Before the game everything seemed to be in favour of Ural Great Perm: Braunschweig came to Russia without two of their key players, Pete Lisicky and Gordan Firic while their new head coach Henrik Dettman had to stay home in Germany because of visa problems.

In the beginning it was a close game. Up to the seventh minute the home team could not do anything against the zone defense played by Braunschweig.

After a time-out of Ural Great, Aleksandr Belov and Sharon Shason made two three-pointers, which gave Perm a 19:16 lead.

The beginning of the second quarter was all for the visitors. Adam Hall and Zelimir Zagorac made their two-pointers one after the other and Jan Lipke finished another play with a perfect slam dunk.

Coach Belov tried to change pointguards by leaving Bland, Shushakov and Demin on the bench but it didn’t help to organize his team’s play in offence. Only Shason and Hoskin managed to score for the home team.

Result after the first half of the game: 42:40 with a slight advantage for Ural Great.

After the break Braunschweig outscored Perm 13:4 during the first five minutes. Hall did not meet any resistance under the basket and Zagorac scored two shots from the perimeter.

With a score of 46:53 on the board coach Belov asked for a time-out after which Poltavsky, Kurilov, Shushakov and Dedushkin entered the floor. This however did not change the situation on the court: it was only the good performance of Sharon Shason that kept Ural Great in the game.

By the 33rd minute of the game another successful three-point shot by Joakim Blom made the situation dramatic for the home team: 58:67. Hoskin scored 4 unanswered points but quickly after picked up his fourth foul.

Blom and Zagorac established again a double digit lead for Braunschweig: 62:72.

After this Braunschweig seemed to rest on their success and was punished immediately: Ural Great rushed for a 9:0 run and made it a 1-point game, 71:72.

Shason then answered a 3-pointer by Braunschweig's guard Srdjan Djuric with another three-pointer.

With 11 seconds left in the game Hall split a pair of free-throws for Braunschweig, giving the guests a 74:77 lead.

Down by three points, Ural Great had time for one last play. Djuric sent Bland to the line with 6 seconds to go, who made the first and missed the second.

During the following rebound situation the ball finally ended up in Bland's hands, who unfortunately for the home team missed his shot that could have sent both teams into overtime.

Adam Hall, who was named MVP of the game, and Zelimir Zagorac had 19 points apiece for Braunschweig.

Samuel Hoskin led all players with 22 points and added also 10 rebounds.


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