Iscar Strauss 107 vs. Ural Great 89


The first points on the scoreboard tonight were put up by Sharon Sasson, an ex-player of the local team who now belongs to Ural Great Perm. All through the first quarter the teams held it tight together and when th ebuzzer went after 10 minutes Ural Great had the advantage 12-18.

Erez Marckovich
The second period began with 2 point from Marckovich, but Kurilov replied by penetrating the defense and scoring 2. The gap between the teams stayed around the six points all through the quarter although Ural Great were able to pull away to lead with 9 on a couple of occasions.
The teams headed to the locker rooms at half-time with the score at 37:43 for Perm.

The local team started the second half with a 9:2 run. This turned the game around and soon the home side were up 46:45. Again they went on another 10:2 run and stretched the lead to 57:46. At the end of the 3rd period Nahariya were up 79:61.

In the last quarter Ural Great narrowed the gap to with a 7:0 run. At this point Adrian Pledger came in to the game, replacing the injured Campbell.

Nahariya again pulled back and Ural Great were never able to come within 10 points of the local team once they had flexed their muscles aand made another run.

The game ended with a win for the local team, with the score 107:89.


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