German Gabriel (Akasvayu Girona)

German Gabriel

Nationality: ESP
Born : 16.11.1980
Place of birth: Caracas (VEN)
Height: 2.07m
Position: C

9.2Points per game
3.6Rebounds per game
0.6Assists per game

Akasvayu Girona




  • » Ranks #13 in 3 Pts Field Goal Percentage (44.9%)
  • » Ranks #12 in 3 Pts Field Goals Made (1.8)
German GABRIEL - EuroBasket 2013 Profile

Team 2012-13: Estudiantes Madrid (Spain-ACB)
Career: Unicaja Malaga (youth teams); Unicaja Malaga (Spain-ACB, 1999-01); Estudiantes Madrid (Spain-ACB, 2001-03); Unicaja Malaga (Spain-ACB, 2003-04); Lagun Aro Bilbao (Spain-ACB, 2004-05); Akasvayu Girona (Spain-ACB, 2005-07); Unicaja Malaga (Spain-ACB, 2007-09); Estudiantes Madrid (Spain-ACB, 2009-13)

At 32 years of age, Gabriel is making his senior team debut at a major event. The Caracas, Venezuela native played in Spain's U18-U20 national teams from 1998 to 2001 and earned one appearance for Spain's top side in the Qualification Round for EuroBasket 2003, playing against Belgium. The 2.07m center was needed for the Slovenia tournament after both Pau Gasol and Serge Ibaka pulled out. He will likely be called upon to rest Marc Gasol at the center position. Gabriel proved this season that he can still play in the blocks with a strong season at Estudiantes, finishing sixth in the league in scoring. He also displayed range extending beyond the three-point line. Gabriel also has a history with Spanish coach Juan Orenga, playing together with the new coach in 1999-00 at Unicaja Malaga.



vs BC Siauliai (W 81-76)202/633.31/425.01/250.02/2100.0033120047
vs Maccabi (W 66-76)204/850.01/1100.03/742.90/00.02790200311
vs BCM Gravelines (W 93-65)215/683.35/683.30/00.00/00.01780100310
vs Maccabi (W 99-82)194/666.72/2100.02/450.03/3100.02242120213
vs BC Siauliai (W 71-92)297/1258.31/250.06/1060.01/250.01451100121
vs BCM Gravelines (W 72-78)263/933.30/30.03/650.04/757.10550110113
vs BC Kalev (W 107-82)192/540.01/1100.01/425.02/2100.0022011017
vs JDA Dijon (W 89-90)144/580.01/1100.03/475.02/2100.00111000313
vs Virtus (W 106-74)62/2100.01/1100.01/1100.00/00.0033000005
vs BC Kalev (W 75-83)233/742.92/366.71/425.01/250.0224102028
vs JDA Dijon (W 117-83)225/955.62/450.03/560.00/00.00333110113
vs Virtus (W 84-89)252/1020.01/425.01/616.71/250.0336013046
vs Panionios BC (W 76-68)152/728.60/20.02/540.04/4100.01230000110
vs Panionios BC (L 82-69)162/366.70/00.02/366.73/3100.0011010019
vs Panionios BC (W 83-49)162/540.00/10.02/450.02/2100.0101011058
vs Club Estudiantes (W 89-58)120/30.00/00.00/30.00/00.0022202000
vs Azovmash (W 79-72)71/333.31/250.00/10.01/250.0101001003
CategorySeason highCareer high
Points2111.12.2006 vs. BC Siauliai21 - 2 times
Total Rebounds915.11.2006 vs. Maccabi15 - European Championship for Young Men 2000
06.08.1999 vs Israel
Assists314.02.2007 vs. JDA Dijon8 - European Championship for Junior Men 1998
10.04.1997 vs Poland
Steals320.02.2007 vs. Virtus3 - 4 times
Blocked Shots 1 - 4 times
Minutes2911.12.2006 vs. BC Siauliai38 - 2 times
Field Goals Made711.12.2006 vs. BC Siauliai9 - European Championship for Young Men 2000
29.07.2000 vs Croatia
Field Goals Attempted1211.12.2006 vs. BC Siauliai12 - 3 times
2 Pts Field Goals Made522.11.2006 vs. BCM Gravelines 9 - European Championship for Young Men 2000
29.07.2000 vs Croatia
2 Pts Field Goals Attempted622.11.2006 vs. BCM Gravelines 12 - European Championship for Young Men 2000
29.07.2000 vs Croatia
3 Pts Field Goals Made611.12.2006 vs. BC Siauliai6 - EuroCup 2007
11.12.2006 vs BC Siauliai
3 Pts Field Goals Attempted1011.12.2006 vs. BC Siauliai10 - EuroCup 2007
11.12.2006 vs BC Siauliai
Free Throws Made42 times10 - European Championship for Young Men 2000
02.08.1999 vs Finland
Free Throws Attempted713.12.2006 vs. BCM Gravelines 12 - European Championship for Young Men 2000
04.08.2000 vs Turkey
Offensive Rebounds320.02.2007 vs. Virtus7 - European Championship for Young Men 2000
06.08.1999 vs Israel
Defensive Rebounds72 times9 - European Championship for Young Men 2000
05.08.2000 vs Israel



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