Albacomp 83 vs. Dynamo Moscow Region 73


Both teams started tonight's play-off game very hard as they wanted to show why they are here and why they are regarded as the best teams in this tournament. Albacomp shortly took the lead, however, their Russian rivalstried everything to pull back .

Coach Kovalenko shortly changed his starting lineup and left only one American player on the floor. For the Hungarians, Kenny Younger and Góbi put on a few nice moves, each time finishing with a basket. The first period ended very tight, 18-16.

In the second quarter Albacomp's Jermaine Spivey stepped up for the home side and was simply outstanding. For the Russians Smith and Demeshkin tried to get closer to Albacomp but the Hungarians had the answer to everything.

In the middle of the second period the hosts led by as much as 17 points. Dynamo made a small run after two intentional fouls were called giving them the chance to come closer but they were still far from tying the game.

The third quarter started just like the first two: Albacomp was up and players Spivey, Nisavic and Younger were on fire and the Russian side was playing far from their real potential.

At this stage of the game Albacomp led by 18 but still couldn't grab the 20 points advantage. From Dynamo Moscow Region Morgunov had some great minutes in the paint after blocking a few shots and grabbing a few defensive rebounds. The game was almost decided, the question remaining was what the difference would be.

In the final 10 minutes both teams pushed very very hard. Albacomp was working to grab the biggest possible lead and Moscow was trying to get as close as they could to have a chance for the next game.

Both teams played very aggressively and especially Spivey and Smith had some nice moves. Their battle was real tough and it opened up opportunities for other players to score.

Younger missed two layups and the Russians pulled closer. With a few minutes to go Albacomp was up by 15 but with 30 seconds left a Russian three pointer fixed the final result.

In this really exciting game the Hungarian team deserved to win but as 10 points is very little, anything is possible in next week's return game.


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