Earl Rowland (Telekom Baskets Bonn)

Earl Rowland

Nationality: USA
Born : 18.05.1983
Place of birth: Frankfurt (GER)
Height: 1.91m
Position: PG

10.8Points per game
3.1Rebounds per game
3.9Assists per game
Telekom Baskets Bonn




  • » Ranks #5 in Assists (3.9)
  • » Ranks #11 in Steals (1.6)
  • » Ranks #16 in Turnovers (2.5)
  • » Ranks #16 in 2 Pts Field Goals Attempted (7.5)

Earl Rowland - EuroBasket 2011 Profile

Team 2010-11: Vanoli Cremona (Italy-Lega)
Career: St Marys (NCAA, 2003-05), Florida Flame (NBDL, 2005-06), Sydney Kings (Australia-NBL, 2006-07), Townsville Crocodile (Australia-NBL, 2006-07), Barons Riga (Latvia-LBL, 2006-07), Artland Dragons Quakenbruck (Germany-BBL, 2007-08), Telekom Baskets Bonn (Germany-BBL, 2008-09), Vanoli Cremona (Italy-Lega, 2009-11)

Earl Rowland was arguably the stand-out player for Bulgaria at EuroBasket 2009 in Poland and could hardly have done much more for his adopted country though a few more hits from distance would have been nice. Other than this, he showed all of the skills which have seen him play in both the German and Italian leagues to good effect. He is a point guard that can not only distribute the ball and create for others but can also make use of his size to take advantage of potential mismatches down low, while he is adept at penetrating and getting to the hoop on a regular basis. Equally, his height and athleticism make him an excellent defender whether it be getting steals or defending opposing shooters and this is another real bonus. While he could probably find more consistency with his perimeter game offensively, Rowland brings a lot to the table. He didn't play last summer during the Qualifying Round but is expected to be back for EuroBasket 2011 to pull the strings for Bulgaria once again.


vs Panellinios (L 69-54)244/1040.03/837.51/250.02/2100.00553430011
vs Panellinios (L 70-85)204/757.14/757.10/00.04/580.00222300212
vs Keravnos (W 78-55)206/966.76/875.00/10.03/475.03364120115
vs Ural Great (L 82-54)233/1127.33/933.30/20.00/00.0112023016
vs SAOS Hyeres (W 71-61)284/1233.34/1040.00/20.02/2100.02135130110
vs Keravnos (L 73-64)231/425.01/425.00/00.00/00.0011441022
vs Ural Great (L 64-70)242/922.21/520.01/425.06/875.01451400211
vs SAOS Hyeres (W 72-86)282/728.62/540.00/20.00/00.0044741014
vs Cholet Basket (L 68-71)276/1154.55/955.61/250.04/666.72027200117
vs EiffelTowers (L 83-63)326/1060.04/850.02/2100.03/560.02243310217
vs Belgacom Liege (W 79-64)170/30.00/30.00/00.00/00.0033420100
vs Cholet Basket (L 71-54)211/812.51/616.70/20.00/20.0101721002
vs EiffelTowers (W 84-77)313/742.93/475.00/30.02/450.0011321008
vs Belgacom Liege (W 59-67)297/1258.34/850.03/475.05/683.30332130022
vs Virtus BolognaFiere (L 76-86)3510/2050.09/1656.31/425.00/10.03365141221
vs Virtus BolognaFiere (L 106-91)317/1070.07/1070.00/00.00/30.00116430314
CategorySeason highCareer high
Points2210.03.2009 vs. Belgacom Liege25 - EuroBasket 2011
05.09.2011 vs Georgia
Total Rebounds62 times9 - EuroBasket 2011
31.08.2011 vs Slovenia
Assists73 times7 - 3 times
Steals417.03.2009 vs. Virtus BolognaFiere4 - EuroChallenge 2009
17.03.2009 vs Virtus BolognaFiere
Blocked Shots12 times1 - 3 times
Minutes3517.03.2009 vs. Virtus BolognaFiere38 - 2 times
Field Goals Made1017.03.2009 vs. Virtus BolognaFiere10 - EuroChallenge 2009
17.03.2009 vs Virtus BolognaFiere
Field Goals Attempted2017.03.2009 vs. Virtus BolognaFiere20 - EuroChallenge 2009
17.03.2009 vs Virtus BolognaFiere
2 Pts Field Goals Made917.03.2009 vs. Virtus BolognaFiere9 - 2 times
2 Pts Field Goals Attempted1617.03.2009 vs. Virtus BolognaFiere16 - EuroChallenge 2009
17.03.2009 vs Virtus BolognaFiere
3 Pts Field Goals Made310.03.2009 vs. Belgacom Liege5 - EuroBasket 2011
05.09.2011 vs Georgia
3 Pts Field Goals Attempted43 times6 - EuroBasket 2011
05.09.2011 vs Georgia
Free Throws Made607.01.2009 vs. Ural Great6 - 2 times
Free Throws Attempted807.01.2009 vs. Ural Great8 - EuroChallenge 2009
07.01.2009 vs Ural Great
Offensive Rebounds32 times3 - 2 times
Defensive Rebounds514.10.2008 vs. Panellinios9 - EuroBasket 2011
31.08.2011 vs Slovenia
Participations in FIBA Europe competitionsPPGRPGAPG
EuroBasket - Final Round 2011 (Bulgaria)
EuroBasket - Final Round 2009 (Bulgaria)
EuroChallenge 2009 (Telekom Baskets)



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