Quarter Final Pairings Set

Knock Out Stage

The final round is set with four pairs of quarter-finals ready to being played when the teams take the court at Siemens Arena on Friday.

The top team of Group E, Lithuania, will meet Greece that eventually dropped to the 4th spot in Group G, and will attempt to shock the local fans and become the first team to upset the hosting squad.

An intriguing pair will feature the pleasant surprise of the championship Latvia take on the ambitious and dangerous Croatia that already proved how dangerous they can be on a good day, but also that not every is a good one.

Russia will arrive to the final round with the 2nd longest winning streak with 5 wins and the top spot in Group G and will face the last team to qualify - France.

The last duo is the team from Serbia that had a huge finish to the Qualifying Round and will try to keep that momentum going against the young and less surprising team of Poland.


31.07.2010 - Semi-Finals
31.07.2010 - Trushkin
29.07.2010 - Knock Out Stage

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