Russia Roll Over Bulgaria

23 July 2010
Group C

Day 2 of the OMNITEL U18 European Championship started with Russia taking down Bulgaria 88-57 in a Group C clash at the Siemens Arena in Vilnius, Lithuania on Friday afternoon.

Russia got their debut win and hold a 1-1 record before the deciding day of the group, while Bulgaria dropped to 0-2 and will hope to escape from the relegation games.

11. Vladislav Trushkin (Russia)
Vladislav Trushkin added 11 points fro Russia

This was the 2nd big defeat of Bulgaria in the games, after a 75-56 loss to Italy yesterday, while Russia recovered from a double-overtime loss to Turkey on Day 1.

Russia had 10 players on the score sheet, all of them with at least 7 points that tell the story of the Russian offense today.

Gleb Goldyrev was the top scorer with 13 points, all of them in the first half, Vladislav Trushkin added and Artem Pisarchuk had 11 as well.

Pavlin Ivanov and Aleks Simeonov led the losing side with 14 points each.

Russia didn't allow their opponents a lot of hope, and quickly took over the game.

After 2 minutes the score was 7-5 in favor of Russia but until the end of the first quarter Bulgaria didn't add a single point, while the other rim saw 20 points poured down, to create a 22 point difference already after 10 minutes.

"After the loss yesterday we knew this game can be a win-or-die so we had to win it," said Sergey Skorochkin, the boss on the bench of Russia.

"Bulgaria isn't as strong as the team we lost to yesterday, so it made things a little easier for us."

Ivanov tried to create some havoc in the Russian defense, but Kulagin with shots from distance and Pisarchuk inside kept Russia far ahead.

"This is our 2nd big defeat, and I'm very disappointed," shared coach Lyubomir Minchev
of Bulgarian.

"It's true most of our key players are 1993 born and in this age category one year is a big difference but it's not an alibi for me or the team.

"We must play harder on defense like we practice all the time."

Tomorrow Russia will take on Italy in hope to continue the good momentum while Bulgaria will seek its first win against their neighbours from the South-East - Turkey.


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