Turkish Fans Turn Out For Home Team


It is a well known fact that the Turkish people are passionate about sport, and even more passionate when it comes to their national teams.

That was more than evident in 2001 in Istanbul, when, on the back of a phenomenal home crowd, the Turkish men's team won a EuroBasket silver medal.

a Turkish fan
EuroBasket Women is attracting Turkish fans of all ages
EuroBasket 2001 launched Turkish men's basketball as a legitimate presence in Europe and the women are looking to do the same in 2005.

Over 2,000 fans turned up in Izmir to watch their opening 2 games and they were rewarded with 2 great performances by their side.

The Turks opened the competition with a win over Serbia & Montenegro and then took Russia to the last minute of a desperately close contest, before finally falling.

Whatever happens over the next 6 days, regardless of whether the Turkish team continues to impress or fails to meet their goals, they can be sure to count on the home support.

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