All Smiles For Floor General Cakir After Game One

30 July 2009

In the heat of any on-court battle, composure and leadership are often the most sought after attributes. When you throw the searing Naples heat and a truly terrible start to the first game of your tournament into the mix, the need for such qualities are magnified ten-fold.

Thankfully Turkey could call on one very cool customer to fight the Serbian fire and make sure that their campaign didn't go into meltdown. Olcay Cakir is a point guard who has already shown these Championships that when the heat is on, she can remain ice cold.

While offensively gifted, it is clear where the priorities of this player and team lie with tenacious defence at the top of the list. Like flicking a switch, Cakir stepped up her game at the defensive end and the team duly followed - something she claims will be vitally important as the tournament unfolds.

"In the first quarter we played some really terrible defence - it was very bad. We used a time-out to really find our belief as players and as a team as we know defence is important for us."

"Our defence can help us on offence too and we know that as a team, we have to keep this intensity in future games."

With her quick hands and impressive reading of the game, Cakir came up with seven steals in her superb display while at other times, helping to force several bad passes from Serbia down the stretch.

Combined with her solid decision making and composure with the ball in her hands, she walked off the court with a huge smile and spring in her step to celebrate with her team mates.

She also left the spectators and her opponents in no doubt as to what part of her game she enjoys most - even if she also had 20 points to her name own the other end of the court.

"I am a player that enjoys playing defence and it always starts at the top with the two guard positions and that is my position."

"We came up with the steals just when we needed in this game to get the win."

"When we can get the steals, we can get the easy baskets we need."

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