Stefanie Yderström (Sweden)

Stefanie Yderström

Nationality: SWE
Born : 23.04.1990
Place of birth: Östertälje (SWE)
Height: 1.70m
Position: G

10.5Points per game
2.9Rebounds per game
2.1Assists per game




  • » Ranks #13 in Field Goals Attempted (11.9)
  • » Ranks #15 in 3 Pts Field Goals Attempted (4.9)
  • » Ranks #6 in Steals (3.1)
  • » Ranks #4 in Turnovers (4.5)
Stefanie Yderstrom - EuroBasket Women 2013 Profile
Club Team 2012-13: Miami (USA-NCAA)
Career: Telge Basket (Sweden-Damligan, 2006-09), Miami (USA-NCAA, 2009-13)
The shooting guard brings a big three-point game to the table although needs to deliver some daggers at the elite level during crunch time to take her game to the next level. However, not just a shooter, she is also very underrated in her passing ability. She has just finished her college career with Miami and left the Hurricanes as the assists leader, having quickly adopted a change in role during her four years there. She was also part of 97 wins in her four years - the second-most wins by a single class in programme history - earning first team All-ACC honors for her displays last season. She is an intelligent player and could develop into a serviceable combo with time, even though she is very much a shooter who will be utilised by coach Johansson against any zone defence. She played for Sweden at the World University Games two years ago and is very strong and explosive for her size, as well as being able to hold her own against bigger opponents in defence.


vs Poland (L 69-61)282/1414.32/633.30/80.00/00.0101362014
vs Serbia (L 64-81)191/425.01/1100.00/30.05/862.5134022147
vs Belarus (W 66-59)324/1822.23/1127.31/714.35/683.31233330014
vs Ukraine (L 81-60)293/1030.03/650.00/40.03/475.0112354019
vs Italy (L 55-66)265/1241.74/850.01/425.03/475.01232640514
vs Turkey (L 52-49)366/1833.34/1330.82/540.04/580.01342230218
vs Slovak Republic (L 77-63)244/1136.44/944.40/20.02/2100.02242661410
vs Turkey (L 57-66)273/837.51/250.02/633.30/20.0022261048
CategorySeason highCareer high
Points1805.07.2007 vs. Turkey21 - U20 European Championship Women 2009
11.07.2009 vs France
Total Rebounds43 times7 - U20 European Championship Women 2010
21.07.2010 vs Bulgaria
Assists33 times9 - 2 times
Steals607.07.2007 vs. Slovak Republic6 - U18 European Championship Women 2007
07.07.2007 vs Slovak Republic
Blocked Shots12 times1 - 10 times
Minutes3605.07.2007 vs. Turkey40 - U18 European Championship Women 2008
22.07.2008 vs Russia
Field Goals Made605.07.2007 vs. Turkey7 - 4 times
Field Goals Attempted182 times18 - 2 times
2 Pts Field Goals Made43 times6 - 2 times
2 Pts Field Goals Attempted1305.07.2007 vs. Turkey13 - U18 European Championship Women 2007
05.07.2007 vs Turkey
3 Pts Field Goals Made22 times4 - U16 European Championship Women 2006
05.08.2006 vs Israel
3 Pts Field Goals Attempted829.06.2007 vs. Poland11 - U16 European Championship Women 2006
10.08.2006 vs Germany
Free Throws Made52 times6 - U18 European Championship Women 2008
18.07.2008 vs France
Free Throws Attempted830.06.2007 vs. Serbia8 - U18 European Championship Women 2007
30.06.2007 vs Serbia
Offensive Rebounds207.07.2007 vs. Slovak Republic2 - 2 times
Defensive Rebounds32 times6 - U20 European Championship Women 2010
21.07.2010 vs Bulgaria



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